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Monday, January 26, 2009

Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!!!!

It's Chinese New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We waited for CNY last night and chatted while snacking until around 3am. Woke up around 11am this morning by my mum's call, saying that we're having lunch with my paternal relatives today. I got up, cleaned up, dressed up, washed my face, put on a hint of makeup and accessorized. We got to my uncle's house at Bukit Utama and stayed there for a little while before setting off to the Utama Clubhouse (something like that anyway) for lunch. We were led to a private double room which had a karaoke service. The food was nice, and there was also entertainment as a little while after the first dish was served, my cousin (really really good looking, but only around my height and seems to be a little on the heavy side) sung a song. To tell the truth, it was OK, except when it came to the higher pitched areas. After a while, a few more people started to pick songs, including me, my dad's god-sister, etc. Really nice lunch experience.

After lunch we went back to my uncle's apartment for a little black jack and quality time. At around 6pm, we set of to my dad's godmother's house, but they weren't home. So we got home at around 8.30pm and had a little bit to eat. After that, we're now chatting and some doing their own stuff.

Tell you what, I've been having a little crush on my paternal cousin brother since I was around 12. Hehehe...

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year!!!!

Sorry that I haven't been updating my blog for the past two weeks as I was busy with school work and Chinese New Year shopping. As a Form 4 this year, things prove to be more challenging than expected. The first chapter of History is kinda piece of cake, but then Additional Mathematics are a killer. At first I thought it would be as easy as lines and angles, but the there's f:x -> 3x-1 and all that. Sooner or later I'm gonna commit suicide because of it.

CNY is very near the corner and I have lots of spring cleaning to do because there will be 16 people under one roof for about 3 days consecutively. I've just finished with my chest of drawers and my desk drawers and will continue with the rest of my desk and my accesories.

Being in a new class with new classmates are kinda pressuring assuming that my Head of Class Cleanliness is a real B. My monitor and assistant monitor are very nice, very friendly. The other students are mostly also, but the HCC really pisses me off. Just because I sent a CNY card to HIM (I shall reveal this person's mysterious identity later on) via the school's Chinese Language Club, she told HIM very openly that I have feelings for him. And one day I brought cookies that I had made about a week earlier and to recieve comments on my cookies, I asked my friend to help me promote my cookies. Everyone except a few people said that it was delicious, but it's really hard. Then the recess after the distribution of cookies, HE come to my class and told me that it sucked. That was really it. Previously the HCC took a cookie and said she'd be giving it to someone. Not only was I really offended by the very direct negative comment on my cookies, how could anyone be so GDBMF B-y? (All shorts for vulgar language, please do not copy)

I've just went to Mid Valley shopping again today, except with my Dad who came back about night before last and my godmother who just arrived this morning as we were about to go out. I wore a blouse that I hadn't touched for about 5 years. It's a maroon blouse with a really deep V-neck, and with no decent camisole, I gave up trying to match something to it. Until now I have a small supposed-to-be-brassiere camisole which is about the correct color. On the way we argued about lots of stuff, such as how L'Occitane is pronounced (from what I know, it's pronounced 'lock-see-tann'). My dad got me a really nice jacket from Soda Exchange. It costed RM103/=, but there was a 20% discount. Other than that, it was just lunch and ice cream.

My godmother had arrived in Singapore on the 22nd and arrived in KL this morning with my other godparents. She had asked me what I wanted for my 16th birthday this year. I said I wasn't really sure of what I wanted, then she suggested that she could paint me a plaque with designs and colors of my choice. I requested something GazettE-y and she's just showed it to me today, it is B-E-A-Utiful! I'm gonna post the pic when I get the pic, which will be quite a long time assuming that my camera is currently spoiled.

My mum and my sis has got new phones, and since most of my friends are using DiGi, I thought I might as well get a DiGi number also. To use 2 SIM cards consecutively, I need 2 phones. I would like to get my dream phone, the Sony Ericsson W900i. I've asked the electronics expert and he says that it costs about RM700++. To get the number itself, the package costs around RM10. And every month I have to reload RM30 to keep my number active. So I think I'll take it slowly. But for now I need a camera as there are more and more school functions that my Editorial Board seniors want me to take photos of. As for the first computer club meeting, I, fortunately or UNfortunately, I got elected as the assistant secretary, and the teacher had put me in charge of decorating the notice board.

I plan to make some more cookies after the new year to bring to school for comments, and maybe after that I can make a small income making cookies. I have to go and socialize now. I'll see you next week!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

No more Geography!!!

For the past three years I've been learning about the geography of Malaysia and why will the population increase in this certain area if this area was to have this change and all that. Well, now in Form 4, I DON'T HAVE TO LEARN ALL THAT!!! Instead, I'm now learning Chemistry, Biology and Physicsn plus additional mathematics. It's gonna be a hard year...

On the first day of school, we spent about a whole day flattening our asses on the concrete floor of the school hall listening to advice given by the counsellors about how to choose our stream in which we would have to choose. We were also told to fill a form choosing the stream after the given advice before recess. After recess, we returned to the hall as we have not been distributed into our respective classes yet.

On the second day, at the morning assembly, the disciplinary teacher ordered the prefects to line the path to the stairway to check out skirts, hair, etc... Before that all happened, someone commented on the kaya sandwiches that my mum had made for my lunch earlier that morning. He said it was three kinds of bread, but it was actually just a slice of white bread, the end of the white bread and since we were out of white bread, a slice of wholemeal bread. The guys around had quite a time talking about the bread, and my girl friends were teasing me.

Skip all that. Every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday we were to go home at 1.40pm than the normal 1.05pm, and for some odd reason, this was only required for the Science stream students... I should start boycotting the school bookshop. The original notebook with the school's logo on it costed RM2 the previous few years. This year, just because it has a nicer and thicker cover, they're charging us RM4 for the stupid stack of paper. I've got to get more exercise books, stock up on buku karangan, buku nota and I've also got to buy my ePop. I still haven't bought issue number 184 yet...

I was assigned to take pictures of the Form 3 orientation organised by the school's counselling board. We have yet to select our clubs and uniform units this year.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!!

Finally, it's 2009, which means a hell of a year for me. I've got my PMR results recently, and comparing with my UPSR results, it's pretty bad. I got 3As for English, Science and Mathematics, 2Bs for Malay and Living Skills and 3Cs for Chinese, Geography and History. Sucks, and I was planning to enter the Science stream.

At long last, I've got my Chirstmas present and my new year clothes. As old Chinese tradition states, you have to have at least one new something to ensure a rather good year ahead every new year, or I think that's what it is. Well, for my Christmas present, my mum gave us a free selection of things within a certain budget. I ask for a pair of boots, but after lots of searching, there weren't any suitable ones. We were already planning to go to Sungei Wang to look for my boots as I had mentioned that Sungei Wang has a high possibility that the kind of boots that I want. But fortunately, we saved a trip to the city. While shopping in Jusco at Mid Valley Megamall, there were a selection of them. The first couple of pairs that I tried were too tight around the toes, so we passed that one. After another while of touring the mall, my mum found a few pairs which were not by my liking, but on the opposite shelf of where my mum found the boots, there was an almost perfect pair. I tried it on, it was really almost PERFECT! We got it, then proceeded to other stuff.

So here's the whole shopping list:
  • White dress from Jusco = RM79/= (No discount)
  • Boots from Jusco = RM89.90 (No discount)
  • Sandals = RM39.90 (Nett priced)
  • Guitar case = RM46/=
  • Guitar stand from Rhapsody Valley = RM49/= (10% discount with Jusco Card) [RM46.55]
  • Guitar book {The Only Basic Guitar Book You Will Ever Need} from MPH = RM39.90
So that's about it. My godparents came up from Singapore again yesterday (the shopping trip was yesterday as well) and she brought a book that was banned in Japan - 'Princess Masako: Prisoner of the Chrysanthemum Throne'. I haven't read it yet and it'll be quite a while before I do read it because I haven't even finished reading the book that I'm reading right now which it 'I, Cleopatra' and I still have Bram Stoker's Dracula which my godmother from japan brought back for me.
I'm going out for lunch now, so I'll see you later.