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Saturday, November 29, 2008


I was supposed to update the blog yesterday, but I was at work and at night I was too busy watching V for Vendetta and Final Destination 3. More FD3 than V anyway. I've just finished my second week of work (just a few days of the week) and just yesterday I got my salary!! RM5/hour, which totals up to ... I'm not telling you, just in case you come rob me at night. xP

Yesterday was supposed to be the last day for one of the sales department staff, Rodzy. She's a nice lady, friendly, jovial. In the afternoon, Ms Ang, my aunt and I went for brunch at a kopitiam near the office. While eating we chatted about things at school. I had a hot lemon tea with kaya and butter toast, while we shared a serving of rather fatty Hainan chicken rice. I finished up what they couldn't finish, then we went back to the office. I did my filing, typing, printing, scanning, emailing and faxing. At about 4pm, we ordered pizza and Rodzy bought a moist chocolate cream cake. A while after the pizza arrived, we started the little farewell party. Rodzy gave a little speech and we dug in. I had two slices of pizza, a breadstick, a small bit of cake and almost a whole seafood lasagne. So after that little party I think I've gained a couple more kilogrammes. I got home at about 2000+, bathed, then flew downstairs to watch V, just about then my mum got back from work, and she also bought McDonald's for us. I had the Spicy Chicken McDeluxe xP.

I'm now trying to listen to Reila by The GazettE.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Office life - first day

The holidays are here, my aunt's facing a little shortage of staff, so I went to her office to help her out. She picked me up at about 1230 then drove straight to her office. There was only a couple of staff members in the office when we arrived. We were introduced, then my aunt assigned my work. I was to do some filing, lots of typing and some other stuff. She taught me what I needed to know for that day's work one by one. The Internet server was down almost the whole time, which really harassed my aunt as she wanted to check her inbox in Outlook for interview request e-mails. Anyway, as I was typing a list of quotations(?), another couple of staff members entered the office, both guys and one of them oh-so-cute. After I was finished typing the list, I continued my filing which I started doing long before I started typing the list as the list was more important. By the time I looked at the clock, it was already about half past five. I finished my filing, cleared up the cluttered desk, put everything back into place and waited for my aunt to pick me home.

The next day was a home day, and I stayed home and played all day? I dunno, the whole day was too monotonous to remember, so was the next. Today, however, I awakened at 1000 but then fell asleep again till about 1200 (that's why I'm a panda). I just remembered. On Thursday night we watched 'The Scorpion King' starring Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and Kelly Hu. I love The Rock... I had a small tray of Chipsmore Hazelnut cookies for breakfast, and cheese cocktail white bread hot dogs with mayo and hot English mustard and a fried egg. Simple, fuss-free and delicious, not to mention filling.

I'm listening to 'Forever Love' by X Japan.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bite me..

Word of advice to all dog owners or dog lovers or people who are very close with dogs, don't go near a dog if he growls when you try to touch him. I tried to carry me dog the other day, he thought I was going to punish him for the puddle he made somewhere, so he growled. I scratched him a while to comfort him, but as I tried to pick him up he almost tore a bit of flesh from my chin. The wound is kinda small, about half a centimeter in diameter, but I got furious. He, on the other hand, tried to bite me again on the hand, in turn being beat with the newspaper cane by me. So another word of advice, only use the designated canes or whatever to punish or whack the canine and stick to it, don't use your hands if possible, although it does kinda relieves stress and pressure. The best is a roll of newspaper rolled up tightly then stuck together with lots of tape (those broad ones you use to seal cartons).

Enough doggie training. I've finally defeated Jecht and Yu Yevon in the PS2 game Final Fantasy X, after lots of begging from my sister. I planned to finish the sphere grid since it waas almost finished anyway and after defeating Jecht and Yu Yevon, I couldn't go on with the game. Anyway, I gave in to her nagging and defeated them with ease actually, since I already raised every character's HP to the max, which is 9999. My black magician Lulu's MP even got to max (999). All their most powerful attacks were also up to 9999. My strongest aeon, Bahamut with an HP of 15000, reached the maximum attack of 99999. Say I'm mad whatever.. There's not much to do during the holidays anyway. I can't go out, the PC's passworded, my phone has limited credit. But what the heck, my friends don't even want to talk to me during the holidays. Some of them just SMS me to ask whether their orders have arrived and when they could retrieve them.

Since I've finished FFX, I'm now playing FFX-2. Kinda fun, but painful on the finger that presses 'X'. I've tried FFVII: Dirge of Cerberus, but I kinda got stuck at someplace. I'll play that after I finish FFX-2. After Dirge of Cerberus I'll continue with my NFSMW.

That's about it. There's nothing much to write. So, goodnight!!

This is Gackt-san. Camui M.S.Gackt, the guy with the greatest voice on Earth.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Early holidays

So, they came for a couple of days and then just didn't come to school at all. Anyway, on one of those couple of days, we had to attend a hairstyling demo. It was actually to introduce the courses available at this college/university (I dunno which, and I don't see why it's different), KOJADI Institute. It's located near the KLCC in KL, supposedly inside the MCA building. Anyway, I had my luilui taken out for the hairstyling demo. The guy doing the demo was Alex (dunno who he is, don't care 'cause he looks just too much like the EbiTako (in short I'll call him ET, since he does look kinda wierd)). I didn't really pay attention to the process but I was more or less listening intentively at the lady who was explaining that if we attended this hairstyling course of the institute, we would get an immediate job at the J-Gen Hair Salon (I think it's something like that, I lost the leaflet they gave us) which is a partner of Bianco Hair Studios (again, something similar).

I don't usually listen to these people talk, but since I know that I have a future ahead of me, I had to decide what I wanted to be. First and foremost, I wanna be a singer, a musician, if possible, but it seems that even Lim Kok Wing University doesn't have that course. If the singer/musician thing doesn't work out, which probably won't, I would like to be a child apparel designer, but there is a little catch, I kinda lack inspiration and imagination to design anything at all. If that doesn't work out, I could be a very unpopular fashion designer who designs really gothic/goth-loli/v-k/Japanese style clothes with black as the main colour. But there is also a catch here, I dunno how to make clothes for one, and then I kinda lack the passion for colour. It's usually black or any other dark colour that hides my big tummy and/or any other bits of fat anywhere around the abdominal area(working hard to get it off, although still not hard enough). I would consider being a model, but with my shape, looks and height, I think I'll pass. I can't be a writer although I considered it 'cause my stories are usually very restricted and complicated and it depends on my mood whether I want to write or not. I dunno. Someone who knows me well enough please gimme some advice, I need it 'cause I'm really kinda confused although it's not my time yet to be confused. My site (more or less):

So, this is the crazy, ugly, fat, obsessive, panda-eyed me. As you can see, I'm wearing black. That's a lollipop, I don't smoke, yet.
Y'know, I'm feeling kinda lonely 'cause it feels as if everyone doesn't wan't me to be involved with anything they're doing. Some may not think that but that's how they make me feel. Kinda, neglected, with only my music and my dog to play with. Then again, my dog also avoids me. I hate my life. Music's my life, and it's one of the things that help me calm down when I'm angry or frustrated with something. I've got about 700+ music files in my folder already, made up of Chinese, English and Japanese songs, with some soundtracks from certain games, but mostly Japanese. I've got about 140+ sets of lyrics with more to come, same with the music files. And since my sister tends to announce my things as hers, I've labelled all my DVDs, bot exactly mine, but I chose them (my dad paid for most of them, so I'm gonna have to repay him).

Saturday, November 1, 2008

School trips are fun...

For the few days that we were at school, my friend and I spent almost the entire time in the school counselling room, helping Puan Lam, the counsellor teacher manage some things such as the upcoming visit to SMK Seri Saujana which was more or less just down the road from our school and also a few other things that included lots of numbers and names. We spent about 3 whole school days there, only going out for recess and the distribution of the parent consent forms.

On Thurday, Puan Lam was frantic to get everything for the school trip tomorrow done. Since we were short of people, Puan Lam went around looking for people to go. Millions of thanks to her that she persuaded HIM to go as well. After getting names from as many Form 3s as possible, we went back to the counselling room to sort out the consent forms and to split up to distribute them. But instead of a few of the girls and me, they left me to myself to finish the task. But the good thing was that I could talk to HIM. The first time I called his name in public was when he was walking along the corridor and I was to give him a form. After giving it to him, then only I realized that I forgot to tell him what attire to wear. Anyway, I got back to class and distributed them to those who were going in class. And for some reason many people, not only from my class, were missing. So while distributing the forms in 3C (HE was playing at the back of the classroom and I didn't see him), he walked up to me (about a couple of feet distance) and asked me what he's supposed to wear. I was about to say 'track pants and school shirt', but then my voice just bloody well disappeared. So I said 'long pants and school shirt' after a while of silent stutter, adding a 'sports' if he didn't get the picture. As I left the classroom to return to the conselling room, he called me and asked me whether short pants were OK, I told him I would ask. When I got to the counselling room and told Puan Lam that many of the people could not be found in their classrooms, she dragged me around the whole school to recruit students who looked enough like Form 3s because the programme was meant for Form 3s only. But in the end we got lots of Indian and Malay students to go, which really pleased Puan Lam as this was also a programme meant to unite the three main races of Malaysia (Malay, Indian and Chinese). While Puan Lam was talking to a group of Indian boys, HE came down the staircase and I just informed him that only long pants were allowed. He just nodded then went home.

The second day, which was the day of the school trip, I wore my photography club T-shirt, my borrowed track pants and my black chained canvas shoes (which, later in the day, I came to regret). My mum fetched me to school after making a ham and lettuce sandwich for me. When I got to school, I went to the canteen as always, the saw HIM. His shirt was OK, but his pants were matched horribly. They were blue and rather large for him, as if he borrowed his father's. OK, when the assembly bell rang, we made a few last minute checks, then went on our way to SMK Seri Saujana. We went there under the supervision of Puan Lam and another prefect who made himself look a lot like a traffic policeman. We got there safely. After a brief moment of seat distribution and explanation about the programme, we went for breakfast. We were served a curry puff, a really nice chocolate muffin (some other flavour for some other people) and tea. Since we had breakfast in the dormitory dining hall of the school, there were quite a number of cats. While some girls were having their breakfast, a black kitten pounced onto the dining table and started sipping one of the girls tea, then took a small nibble out of her curry puff before getting thrown off the table by a teacher. After a while of lingering around, the kitten decided to lie beside my bag. I picked it up and put him outside, but it came in again. So the next time I put it outside, one of the girls helped me close the door. There was no place to wash my hands but the water dispenser at the corner. After a while, the kitten came in again by pouncing onto the sink outside and squeezing in through the window panes. Well, after breakfast, my feet were starting to pinch. We were separated into three groups as there were three games to be played - congkak (traditional Malay game), Chinese yoyo and 'tarik upek(?)'. My group started with the Chinese yoyo. Seeing the guys do it was really easy, but trying to do it yourself, getting the balance and coordination right, etc was the really difficult part. After lots of tips and instructions from a 'master', I got the hang of it, but still just a little bit. Next was the 'tarik upek(?)', which was supposedly someone sitting on a kind of large dried palm leaf and being pulled around by two other people. Kinda fun, but not all that fun under the scorching sun. Next was congkak, but I skipped it as he was also playing and anyway it is kinda boring to me. While sitting around, I saw HIM trying out the Chinese yoyo. He was jumping around like a monkey, which really made me laugh. After a really nice Chinese yoyo demonstration by a real master, we went to the hall for speeches, etc, then we went for lunch. this time it was steamed white rice, a pice of really nicely fried chicken, fried kunyit cabbage with anchovies, fruits and a kind of chilled drink that my friends said is a mixture of syrup, root beer and teh-O. It was quite nice. After lunch we went in search of the restroom as many of us had to go badly. After the restroom, it was back to school then back home. I had a nice nap on the couch for about an hour, had my bath, dawdled for a while, then had dinner. At 10pm, we went to the nearby mamak to have supper with my grandmother's brother's daughter and her husband. The mutton curry and cheese naan was delish. I love teh tarik...

Well, that's about it. I'm listening to 'Jewelry Day' by Ayaka.