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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

NEW TATTOO: #4 君の名わ

Ironically, I'm blogging about this sooner than I am with finishing my China trip blog post (read: I hate sorting through photos).

Usually I'd go through the really long rant of explaining the meaning of my tattoos - this time I think I'd opt out.

All I'd say is, I still haven't actually tattooed someone's name on me.

The urge came right after I (finally) watched Kimi no Na Wa, and felt that the entire story pretty much visualized what I thought love was - fated, and more often than not relied heavily on chance and timing. That feeling of constantly looking for something... or someone, somehow feeling like something has been forgotten, but could not or would not remember what it is. That desperation of clinging on to every memory of the person, who may or may not be your destined, but what you do know is that they mean so much to you, so much more than so many others because they really are that special.

I wanted it simple and clean. I first contacted Pink Tattoos, but I didn't browse their social media first and did not realize they were on Christmas break. So I contacted Dr. Ink through WeChat, and set an afternoon for a consultation.

Since Dr Ink is also a bar, they open at 4pm at Scott Garden. I would say this would be one of my more comfortable consultations, as I had someone with me and it was close enough in proximity to where I lived.

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I got inked on the last day of 2016, and on this day I learned 3 things:
  1. ALWAYS properly check if you've actually brought your wallet with you when you go out
  2. Have some bits of cash in the car just in case you forgot to bring your aforementioned wallet so you can actually get out of the parking lot
  3. Patience is a virtue when removing surgical tape (more on this later)
The funny thing was, I felt that my handbag seemed lighter than normal, but probably because of the speed in which events were happening, and as my nervousness heightened while I visualized the possible pain, I just ignored the cue.

The entire piece took about an hour to complete, from stencil to completion. During this hour, I attempted to use my Kaneki distraction method - to spam someone counting back from 1000 in sevens, until we started talking about another topic, which either distracted from the pain or I gradually accustomed to the level of expected pain.

Our topics of discussion included the possible effect of my original binge drinking plan on my tattoo, how my hand was almost constantly in contact with the crotch of my artist's drop-crotch pants, and a few of WeChat's new emojis (which are funny AF btw).

I was given the usual Vitamin A+D emollient, and instructions to remove the dressing and wash with regular body wash/soap after 4 hours.

4 hours rolled around, and I did something extremely stupid. The only other experience I had with surgical tape is some really old stock from my ex's house, so they weren't as sticky. At first I peeled them off slowly, but in my impatience and assumption that a quick tug would hurt less (completely glossing over the fact that waxing salons always hold the skin in place to avoid excessive tugging), I tried to rip out what was left of the dressing, and ended up bruising the parts where the tape was stuck.

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However, I also noticed that I actually bruised from this particular tattoo. It could be due to the sensitivity of the area, combined with the fact that I bruise very easily.

It is now day 4, and the peeling and itching has officially begun. I'm still using the A+D especially for time when I know I'd be rubbing it against something for some time (e.g. sleeping, at work with a hoodie on), but I do layer some After Inked right after my shower for moisturizing.

Expect the next tattoo-related post around February - I've booked a session with an amazing artist for a rather unique piece on my dad's birthday (what a way to celebrate).

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