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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

XiaoMi Red Powerbank


Since a few years ago, XiaoMi took the electronics world by storm, especially their powerbanks. From what I heard, online bids were on their website for the powerbanks, and within seconds of opening the network for bidding, they were sold out.

The reason? They were inexpensive and durable, lasting for up to 2-3 full charges (depending on the capacity). One thing was that they only came in silver... or so I thought.

Typical XiaoMi box.

When the SO recently got a new job and was temporarily located in Digital Mall, I visited him every so often. The shop sells computer accessories, laptops, and powerbanks, including the original XiaoMi, but they also had a couple of units in red.

My existing powerbank looks spectacular - like Yves Saint Laurent collaborated with Vertu to come out with a lipstick-cum-powerbank in gold. The catch is that I could plug in my phone at 1%, and it only charges it up to about 20-30% before the powerbank runs out of charging power.

Among my dad's possessions, we found a powerbank which capacity is similar to that of the XiaoMi, but it was claimed by my sister before I could.

The little bit of white on the edge is just a part of the verification sticker.
So... I got the red one. Because it was GORGEOUS, apart from being something I occasionally need. And did I mention that it's fabulous?

Within the box. Comes with a 6-inch micro-USB cable.
I don't know how to describe exactly the red that it is, but it kind of looks like the shimmery, almost iridescent, kind of metallic red that's in the 120 palette (shade #48, I think). Other than that, it's pretty much the same as the typical XiaoMi.

The typical capacity of a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 battery is at 3200 mAh. The capacity for the XiaoMi powerbank is at 10400 mAh, which means I could fully charge my phone at least 3 times, with a little more power to spare, before the powerbank drains completely.

I haven't got much chance to actually use it yet, because I'm now in the office most of the time with access to 5 power points, but so far I've tried charging the Smok X-Pro M65 vape mod, and so far no problems.

Also, I'm now officially the person who would pick out things that are pink in majority - my new mouse is pink. I wanted to get a set of pink bottles, but the SO wanted blue. My favorite top now is my SO's pink Hangten polo tee. Go figure.

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