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Friday, April 3, 2015

One City Sky Park, Subang Jaya

We've made plans to have some errands done at OCBC Puchong (open up more branches in more accessible locations please!!!), but we were always short of time, or just plain LATE. Never mind.

Instead of going to PFCC, we headed to OneCity Sky Park, which is opposite Main Place PJ, and quite easy to find given the clear road signs. And because I had to GPS maneuver my way through Jalan Puchong and a section of Shah Alam before I found Main Place.

OneCity Mall is an open-concept mall, meaning the only thing between the mall itself and outside are creepers on both ends. No air conditioning except for the digital part of the mall, which is complete with an air curtain.

Opposite the mall itself are shoplots, and next to the mall is the OneCity hotel.

There are three floors for parking, with the most sophisticated slopes I've seen. Most of them have either chevron-style lines or circles embossed into the cement; OneCity takes sophistication up a notch with actual bricks that are uneven on purpose. The ceiling leaks, though...

Photo by: AlanYong
The building goes up 10 floors from the ground up, the top floor being the main attraction of the entire mall. Pubs, bistros, and restaurants line the sides of the signature glass ceiling. Several sections of what I assume is super strong tempered glass panels form "ceiling panes", and you can clearly see the ground floor concourse right through the glass as you stand on it.

The optimum time to go there would be toward the evening, where the sky is darker. We went late afternoon, just shy of about an hour from a thunderstorm. The glass panes are supported by sturdy metal beams, but a steady walk across is still quite scary, especially if you focus on the 10 floors worth of air between the glass panes and the ground floor.

Ground floor and the first floor are both shops, but most of them are furnishing studios, and the food is mostly on the ground floor. There were no anchors that I could see. Hip places like Tappers and Charlie Chaplin are also both on ground floor.

The rest of the floors were labelled "offices" in the elevators, and from what I saw there were a few beauty spas and such.

Parking was free, which is a huge plus.


The elevators. I love the elevators. The only elevator with glass panels on all four sides I've been in were in KLIA, which just goes up and down a few floors.


It's fast, and you could see EVERYTHING. It was almost like travelling at the speed of light, where you lose all sense of gravity and balance for a split second if you focus too much on the floors whizzing past.

A photo posted by Kellie Low 紫倩 (@thecheanie) on

Overall, not really a mall I'd go to often, unless I was looking for furnishings. However, it is still a relatively new mall, with renovations still ongoing, so we'll see if any more attention-worthy stores pop up there.

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