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Friday, April 10, 2015

First week as a GM

Back when I played MapleSEA in high school, GMs were like the Grecian gods of gaming - they seldom appeared, yet the seemed to hold the scepter of power within the game. I imagined them like the male/female badass protagonists in movies - cool shades, leather jacket, biker boots, awesome hair flying in the wind... something to that effect.

I think it was because I felt that Game Masters controlled the game, and were the human element in the game itself apart from the players.

Now that I'm a GM myself, my perspective has changed.

I don't have an in-game avatar, but I am armed with being an admin to the fanpages and groups. I interact with the players (who are encouraged to share their in-game experiences on the fanpages and groups) and make relevant announcement in conjunction with the design department.

There is little to no glamour in being a GM - at least not for now. Coming up with material and content for announcements, and monitoring tournaments are all fun and games... until the system crashes and everyone starts to complain.

I mean, I understand the frustration. I know it's frustrating when you open up a game to have fun, but all it gives you are problems. I love those who come asking for help, then just walk away with thanks when you give them the solution. And then there are those who are truly nasty...

Well, it takes all kinds to make the world. The players I love interacting with the most? Those who come to the GMs very politely and inquiring about an error or a problem, very cooperative, and makes small talk after the issue is resolved. Then there are those who insist on cussing everything and being self-contradictory when faced with a technical issue.

Then there are those who just plain can't report an issue without insulting and slandering everything and everyone in between - just plain rude.

Oh, well. The upside is that you're a personality on your own - you can be mysterious, moody, charming, spiteful, etc. Because you're the powerful GM.

*rant over*

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