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Friday, January 30, 2015

Post-grad job hunting: commence

Post-grad job-hunting is more intimidating than I thought it would be. I was so adamant that events life was for me that what I missed the giant flashing signs telling me that it wasn't.

Sure, during my internship, I thoroughly enjoyed myself, especially when it came to actual event days, when all the grueling planning and activities made magic happen. The satisfaction that comes with the close of an event is next to nothing.

The company where I did my internship organized 3 annual events a year, and so all activities would be executed according to the requirements of those 3 events only. Despite acknowledging that other companies would definitely handle many more events than what I experienced during the internship, I did not anticipate a team of less than 10 to be handling 200 events annually, excluding ad hoc jobs.

I scoured JobStreet for jobs that appealed to me, yet still related back to my major. Public relations, in all honesty, is not my cup of tea, especially when so many different people has shown me the many different concepts that public relations can be, and not often in a good light.

Three different companies offered me three different jobs. One that would sacrifice my personal life in the long term, one that will pose the most challenges for me, and one in a suspiciously dingy office in Mid Valley (I might do a separate post on that later).

Regardless of how much I love the exhilaration of being in the events industry, I'm not prepared to sacrifice my personal life for work. The company where I interned had 3 events annually, and while I prepared myself for a heavier workload in other event sectors, I never expected to be posed with 200 annual events excluding ad hoc projects - and all done by a team of less than 10 people.

Even when they emphasized that they are in a lack of manpower, I don't feel adequate enough to take up such a heavy responsibility, and to be honest, I still want to be able to plan dates and vacations ahead of time with my SO, as well as spend public holidays with people in my personal life.

Everyone around me says take whatever job I'm offered now, because it's better than being jobless. And while I do agree with that mantra, I want to at least find a job that I would probably enjoy doing, rather than spending most of my work and after-work hours resenting the job, then resigning less than a year later.

In essence, I'm terrified of the change - I'm terrified of the fact that I might not be able to perform to the expectations potentially set by my resume.

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