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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Fatal attraction

It's amazing how someone could become so important to you.

Every scent.

Every touch.

Every sound.

Whether or not it's done carelessly seductively, it never fails to just make me fall head over heels over and over again.

I have yet to see two individuals who can coexist in complete peacefulness. Hell, even my best friend and I got into a couple of ruts ourselves. Even those whom I thought were my best of friends earlier on turned out to be just people who had the graciousness to put up with my "bullshit".

Despite all my insecurities and jealousy toward practically every other female (yes, even virtual) that he comes into contact to, time and time again he tells me I'm the only one - in his own words.

His direct approach to honesty gets to me sometimes, in ways that would most probably have provoked me to decapitate the individual who expressed the flaws in my body.

But every day he amazes me - how he can learn things overnight, how people rely on him for things that I can't even begin to fathom, how easy it is for him to craft the perfect product by trial and error. He's simple, but so complex. It's amazing how he can morph into so many different facades so smoothly.

I'm sorry for all the hurt I caused you. I'm sorry for still being insecure. But I still love you more than anything, and may there be an amazing year ahead (and more years to come!).

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