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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Oyster

The oyster
An international delicacy
Only appreciated by men of expensive taste
Taken with a spritz of tang and refreshment

Each oyster is unique
In shape, color
And above all
Flavor and scent


Its magnificent folds
Accentuated by the moistness within the shell
The juicy plumpness of the flesh
All enveloped within a pearly interior
While protected by a shell far from alluring

And within each oyster
Is the precious pearl
Deemed a symbol of classic finesse and beauty
Round, luscious, and luminescent
Sitting above the delicate flesh of the oyster
As delicate as the tender oyster itself
But strong and resilient through the strong currents of the ocean

Some devour the flesh of the oyster in ecstasy
Devouring it in an almost orgasmic manner
Relishing in its unique flavor
Their taste buds tantalized even by a mere whiff of its expensive juices

Some declare it an acquired taste
Repulsive in every aspect of taste and texture
And condemn the men who enjoy it - distasteful

But only the strongest of men may pry open its shell
Only the noblest of men may taste its majesty
And only those with the truest of heart may finally obtain the jewel within

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