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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Time to grow up

You've had your candy
You've had your fun
Also had your share of falls and scrapes
As well as pains and tears

All will continue on in life
They won't be as simple
They won't be as small
They won't be something you can solve with a bandage

You complained about life
Your family
Your friends
Your love
Satisfaction didn't seem to settle anywhere

Pointing the finger is a child-like thing
Skipping homework is the habit of a school child
Leaving things undone is the act of a bum

Two decades down the road
Things have changed
The teenage years are behind you
The past should remain where it is

Learn from the mistakes you made
Remember the lessons left behind by the scars
Never cry again for people who never gave back
Turn your back on those who never saw the light in you
Embrace and appreciate what's before your eyes

Do not become those who hurt you
Be stronger than they are
Be the person they couldn't be

Be strong
And above all
Be true to yourself

The words of others are the thoughts of others
Advice should be taken
Opinions considered
But the words of those who don't matter...
They are people who don't matter

Love those who love you
Not for the mask you put on for them
But those who embrace even the worst of you
Cherish those who give you their time

Make your decisions with thought and wisdom
Make them with the people you love in mind
It's time
Clean up your own messes
And do things like the mature person you think you are

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