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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Why I'm probably gonna change telco service companies... again

In about 2009, I switched my number from Hotlink to DiGi - I "inherited" my then-phone number from my sister, and it came under Hotlink because, well, my mum's number was under Hotlink/Maxis. That year, I switched because I got a boyfriend and he used DiGi and texting was mad expensive because fees in between telcos were ridiculous.

I bought a Maxis number in 2011, because I got another boyfriend and he used Maxis, but I kept the DiGi number active... until recently, when maintaining it was ridiculous because I just didn't use it that much. In other words, I only have my Maxis number right now.

The confirmation text I got 3 hours after I sent the request. The text is marked 14:20, but it arrived at 17:27.
I'm no subscribed to any data plan, so I only apply for a one-day internet pass whenever I need it. I get 100MB of data for 24 hours, for MYR2.

Ever since I got a mobile phone, this was how I categorized the 3 main telco companies:
  • Maxis/Hotlink - for the typical public
  • DiGi - for the young and rebellious
  • Celcom - for the people who do business

Now I understand why the young population prefer DiGi. Because DiGi isn't a douche. As much as the "I Will Follow You" theme and the fat yellow guy annoys me, it's what I consider the better choice.

I would always get texts when I get a missed call, but recently, they started to go haywire:

Continuous texts...
... for hours and days on end.
The delay in texts aren't a problem, so are the spamming messages (hurrah to awesome message tones). But the delayed text messages become a problem when it involved my credit. I'm subscribed to a prepaid plan, so a lot of my accessibility to other people depends solely on my credit, which is why I'm usually always uncomfortable whenever my credit is anywhere below MYR5.

I didn't mind that I had 3 hours of data time wasted (I seldom actually use all 100MB of data within 24 hours), but I was furious when this arrived late:

MYR10 sapped up just like that. Maxis/Hotlink sends you a warning text when you've used up 80% and 100% of your data limit respectively. I didn't receive it until my internet pass expired and was charged more than MYR10 for data that I didn't know was being used.

Sure, could be my fault too for not turning off mobile data, but for me, receiving the notification texts only after charging me... nope.

Time to invite the yellow man back into my life LOL.

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