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Sunday, April 6, 2014

4th April 2014

It was one of those days that I woke up excited, but had this bad feeling in my gut (which I routinely ignore because my intuition is almost always off the mark). My babes and I had a day planned out - lunch, a surprise belated birthday celebration, some assignment work, then perhaps some hookah or drinking later in the night.

So Jasmine and I left a little earlier than the agreed plans to get the birthday presents for Jeanna's belated 21st. I seldom ever take the initiative to get presents for anyone, partly due to the fact that I can never come up with something sensible enough for their liking, and also due to my really limited budget.

Caviar Mini Bar Volume 2 from the caviar manicure brand

I like the packaging.
The beauty junkies will probably know that Ciaté is the manicure brand that is the brand for caviar manicure kits. I purchased it from Sephora, Sunway Pyramid, and it happens to be the most expensive birthday present I've ever purchased in my 20 years of being a human. We also got her something from Victoria's Secret, and a pretty cake from Komugi.

We were to pick Jeanna up from around Paradigm Mall before proceeding to Betty's Midwest Kitchen for our girls-day-out lunch, when stuff happened on LDP.

If you're familiar enough with the section of the highway, the right-most lane of LDP around the PKNS Football Club always slows down (for whatever reason). On this day, it did slow down as usual, to around 30-40km/h, then suddenly down to 0.

Chain reaction a.k.a domino effect - what happens when you're driving in a distracted state.
Jasmine hit the breaks in time and stopped a few inches shy of the car in front, but the few behind us weren't so fortunate. I wasn't able to absorb the full impact of the situation, because I almost got thrown out of the vehicle. LESSON: always wear your seat belt. By the time I came to my senses, Jasmine was already out of the car, and I followed with a phone camera.

After some discussion, we agreed to report the incident, and we spent almost an entire afternoon at the police headquarters at Petaling Jaya. Surprisingly, the one with the least damage taken was the one who made the biggest fuss.

Let the feast begin! And I've learned to have my meat with the super fresh eggs!
hen all was done, all of us were craving for lunch. Jeanna was in the mood for sukiyaki buffet, and so to Suki-Ya we headed to.

Sakura (raspberry) layer cake from Komugi. The lightly sweetened layer cake is coated with raspberry-flavored chocolate and decorated with additional chocolate.
15 servings of beef and lamb in total, and a few squirting beef balls (and some icecream) later, we headed to Jeanna's place, where we had more laughs than any other girls had, and had some delicious raspberry layer cake~

Even after going through so much shit through the years, laughing with these girls are always effortless. We can be crazy together, share pretty much everything with each other, and spam each other with love! Pretty sure I'm not gonna ever let go of this bunch - friends mean the world to me, because family has no choice but to put up with you, but friends go the extra mile a voluntarily take your good and your bad. =)

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