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Sunday, December 15, 2013

My first rave

I've noticed that good English isn't much appreciated in the blogging industry.


This was at the end of November. The rave was on 30th November.

Raves (or anything related to EDM, for that matter) was something unreachably distant in the past for me. I mean, my mum is almost adamant against clubbing, so anything merely related to that, I didn't really have to hope for, because there wasn't really hope. LOL

On a last-minute whim, I drove myself to a Rock Corner outlet (and also gave myself a chance to rake up Waze points and drive at a constant 60km/h for about an hour) and got myself a ticket to We Love Asia present Avicii, featuring Congorocks, Martin Garrix, BassJackers, and Chukess (local).

The people I went with. Photo cr.: Rovin.
The people I went with were probably the last people I would have imagined to go with to a first rave - my long-time crush (friend) since primary school, and his mates. Not being racist here, but all Indian. I always thought my first clubbing / rave / bar experience would be with my girls...

Apparently, we were really late, but I met a celebrity up close, and made new friends. And smoked a lot ever since "quitting".

Before this, Rovin did tell me I was missing out if I didn't go to a rave at least once. As it happens, he was right. I can't officially say that I'm a rave addict yet, but I can now say I'm addicted to EDM. It was like when I first discovered J-rock and visual kei - 24/7 non-stop, everywhere, all the time.

Before the rave, while waiting for the others.

I'll not go into the details, but the experience was awesome, and I was sober for most of the rave (at least, what we caught since Martin Garrix). BassJackers was awesome, Avicii blew everyone away - a serious night to remember, and the best first rave anyone could ask for.

That was the first night I went home at 4a.m., and it wasn't for assignments.

More raves? Yes, please!

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