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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Blurred lines

They're the most torturous.
It means you're something and nothing to the other person simultaneously.
It means you can do everything and also do nothing.

For whatever reason that I'm in this position, this seems to be the position I'm in most of the time - I'm the girl that has to be kept secret, or at least, the "relationship" has to be, if there ever was one in the first place.

Vague, suggestive updates are done because "it's not real yet", "I can't guarantee anything to you".

I really, really, really can't care less what the reason is, because it makes no difference to the situation I'm in, and how it makes me feel.

But then I'm stupid enough to put up with it, pack all of them into a temporary box, sealed with a pleasant facade. I'll try to be understanding, and be stupid enough to wait, but rest assured that I'm tormented by every second of this.

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