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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Thailand: Haul

What's a vacation without a good amount of shopping? Finally got round to transferring these pics from my phone to the laptop to edit. I think I'll start with the more expensive items, moving to the most inexpensive. =D

This particular trip's shopping objective was to get the stuff that my mum wouldn't get, and get some feminine semi-casual pieces. I would say that objective was partially fulfilled. =P

Golden skull-embellished platform high-tops. From Platinum, 800 Baht.

Bondage wedges (5.5 inches, I think) with zigzag fabric on the side, and a zip back. From Platinum, 800 Baht.

Purple maxi dress with neckline embellishments. From Platinum, 450 Baht.

 Stainless steel chain link ring, and a black-coated ring. From Jatoojak, 320 Baht.

Mushroom-printed dresses. From Platinum, 180 Baht each.

Super dense flat shading brushes. From Platinum, 150 Baht each.

Terrier-printed skirt shorts. From Platinum, 150 Baht.

Printed dress. From Platinum, 150 Baht.

"I heart Thailand" and "Chang Beer" tees. From Platinum, 130 Baht each.

Rubber flats. From street market stall, 130 Baht each pair. 

Coral ribbon bow belt, leopard print belt, and plain brown belt. From Platinum, 100 Baht for 3.

 Assorted bracelets. From Platinum, 100 Baht for 4.

 Fringed printed tank. From street market stall, 100 Baht.

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