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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Top 5 Beauty Bad Habits of Mein

Yes, I am pretty much a copycat LOL.

Anyways, I recently followed Lolli K, and her most recent blog post was about her top 5 beauty bad habits. I've left the beauty theme pretty far back, so I thought I'd share some of mine too.

1. Daily hair washes
Enough beauty gurus and beauty blogs have advised against this habit, but when you live in a tropical country like Malaysia, just the amount of dirt and dust in the air is enough for you to run to the shower for a nice shampoo. I try to counterbalance this by conditioning properly, though.

2. Rub, rub, rub!
I have a daily habit of rubbing various parts of my face with my hands and/or towel. Even when removing my eye make-up, it's not pretty. "Premature wrinkles and aging". I know, I know. And I love nuzzling things - anything. And I like table-palming, as in placing my face flat on a table (even one in a restaurant).

I rarely touch water. I make it a point to drink more now, but typically it's less than 3 glasses (750ml) per day. If I take more than that, it's usually soup, milk, some kind of juice, and just something NOT water. And I know no form of alcohol counts LOL.

4. Late-night panda
I thought it would only last during my break, but apparently it lasted all through most of the semester. I typically sleep at 3-4am, and wake up when I wake up, even when I have my alarm set at around 9am. Most times I only sleep for about 2 hours (sometimes not at all), and survive on coffee and tea (sugar!).

5. Tobacco
Not many people know this, and yes, I know the implications of long-term tobacco use. And yes, a substantial amount of people have already advised me against this. It is said that if you get breakouts near the jawline, it's due to weakened lung function. I started getting breakouts around that area since I started. So...

Obviously, these aren't all of them. Who doesn't have bad habits. Just that mine are somewhat... less acceptable? I dunno. Here they are.

Disclaimer: I do not advocate smoking. It is a (bad) habit that I started mostly on my own. I don't fancy seeing young kids smoking.

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