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Friday, August 30, 2013

Thailand - Day 3

Jatoojak Market & Platinum again

Sister and I at a quaint food stall selling sticky rice, shaved, ice, and honey lemon drinks at the market.
Jatoojak (or sometimes spelled 'Chatuchak') Market is a ginormous outdoor market packed with everything ranging from food, to clothes, to accessories, to souvenirs, to military gear. We didn't get to look through the entire market because, well, it was huge, and we didn't have a prior plan or map.

We did get some nice shaved ice, mango sticky rice, and a nice cup of honey lemon drink, though, and an iced mocca at a quaint little coffee place in the same unit as a paintball gear seller. Only my mum and sister got some souvenirs from this place.

We went back to have some pad Thai and tom yam clear soup before heading to Platinum Mall yet again, and this time we got some T-shirts and some last-day haul items. I still didn't get my belly ring and flesh plug (which are everywhere, 'cause practically everyone has stretched piercings in Bangkok) due to the potential disapproval of not only my parents, but my sister as well. LOL

The most intimidating (and messy) IT mall I've seen.
A last round of mango and durian sticky rice, with a side of fried glass noodles before returning to the hotel without much of a dinner plan. We ended up walking into the digital mall opposite the street our hotel was on, then walking around that area until we ended up at McDonald's.

Something non-Muslims have to try when in Bangkok / Thailand.
If you guys don't know, international franchises like Domino's and McDonald's in Malaysia don't serve pork, or any non-halal food, for that matter. Which is why so many friends insisted that we had to try the Samurai Pork Burger in Bangkok. And it was pretty good, though I'm not a real fan of the Japanese sauce.


Back in KL

Early was how we woke up the next day, because our flight was early, and the receptionist estimated about an hour from Don Mueang Airport from our hotel. After packing up everything else, it was off.

We were there in no time, actually, but the check-in counters scared me - the number of mainland Chinese tourists crowded around the area with loud voices, mismatched clothes, and no sense of personal space. We had Starbucks and McDonald's for our pre-flight meal, and packed a ham and chicken pie for the flight itself.

The flight was somewhat peaceful (being seated behind a hunky, hairy Caucasian), with the exception of some kids not used to the take-off and landing requirements, as well as a brat who felt the need to loudly document every process of the flight to his mother 5 rows in front of him. I also had the luxury of trying out the in-flight lavatory for the first time LOL.

I would have expected Malaysian customs to be a little troublesome, but they didn't check anything... at all. I could understand that they weren't too worried about things going out of the country, but don't you think you should be the least bit worried when people are bringing things INTO the country? *shrugs*


Overall, I can't complain. Everyone's different schedules (literally, every one of us has a different schedule) makes it pretty hard to plan anything. It's been an amazing experience, and the shopping was ... you just can't shop in KL like you do in Bangkok.

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