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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Thailand - Day 1

I don't really count going to Singapore as 'going overseas', because honestly it's just a stretch of water away, despite still being a completely different country. Because my younger sister was having her holidays, and I'm on a semester break, my dad planned a somewhat last-minute holiday to Thailand - mostly Bangkok.

The entire trip seemed surreal, and the packing didn't start until more or less the night before departure. The people were wonderful, the food was delicious, and the shopping even better.


Don Mueang Airport and Platinum Fashion Mall

Pink cabs? Yes, please!
We flew Air Asia, because it's cheap, but you get what you pay for - the flight wasn't altogether unpleasant, but it was certainly uncomfortable especially with packed-up seats. And it should suffice to pack just one pair of shorts for a 4-day shopping vacation (which was pretty much what I did).

Home away from home, and somewhat rightly so.
Our room, decorated with pretty lights throwing patterns on a painted feature wall, and the room was fitted with adequate mirrors (good for a narcissist), and a comfy red bean bag in a corner.
It was a 2-3 hour flight, and we arrived around late morning. The first thing I noticed were the colorful taxis, especially the pink ones! A taxi took us to our hotel - First House Hotel - which is location on a small street just opposite of Platinum Fashion Mall. We settled a little, with a little misunderstanding about an extra 50 baht charged because we came from the airport.

Our first meal was some homey Thai food from a small restaurant tucked along the long row of fashion shops, other restaurants, and humble food stalls. Pad Thai (40 baht) was the first thing on my mind, and was what I ordered. I didn't regret it one little bit - I could get seafood fried rice and omelet fried rice back home any time.

Platinum Fashion Mall.
We headed to the pedestrian bridge which led directly into Platinum Mall. My mum and sister had raved about how wide the fashion choices were in Bangkok, and my jaw almost literally dropped when I walked in. (haul in separate post later on =D)

I expected something like Berjaya Times Square, but what I saw was practically a girl's shopping heaven. I was given 2000 baht to spend (quite) freely, and so off we went. It was corridor after corridor of shops, with almost literally everything from shoes, accessories, dresses, tees, shorts, themed clothing stores, you name it.

We spent about 15-30 minutes on each floor on average, before having a little something to eat at the food hall on the 6th floor. What you do is you get a food ticket that has however much Baht you deposit into the card, then you pay with the card at whichever stall you're buying food from. A savory crepe and some local desserts were our tea.

C'est Pink Pvssy. I just had to.
Our next stop was Pratunam area, after a small stop back at the hotel to enjoy some fried chicken we got opposite the hotel, and to unload our haul. I realize there's this accessories franchise in Bangkok called Pink Pvssy, not unlike one we have here, with the same black renovation theme and chunky, sparkly stuff on sale.

A quick refuel at Tom and Toms Coffee accompanied with a mug of delicious cinnamon chocolate, then we walked the roadside stalls. It's amazing how these stalls are practically EVERYWHERE, despite everyone selling almost the same thing.

You know what's everywhere in Bangkok as well? 7-Elevens, and tuk tuks. Literally, they are everywhere. And compared to 7-Elevens in Malaysia, those outlets are stocked with almost everything - from DVDs to microwave meals.

That concludes day 1 - my sister and I more or less watched True Blood until both of us fell asleep, with a nice can of Chang Beer.

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