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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Of French macarons & creme brulee

A while back, I signed up for a one-time baking class via Jasmine via her aunt via a Groupon offer. We scheduled the baking class for 23rd (Friday) and it was pretty much awesome. The offer was MYR98 per person, MYR90 each if you signed up in pairs.

Original price for two persons: MYR480.
We were late due to the stupid traffic congestion EVERYWHERE just because the SMART tunnel was closed due to rain. Very well done, mein government. We arrived half an hour late to the class venue (Excel College pastry kitchen, Millennium Square, Petaling Jaya), as the class just started to go through the introduction of the ingredients for French macaron.

Insightful and fun would be how I would describe the experience. I didn't know there were differences between French and Italian macaron, as well as British and French creme brulee.

Our macarons and my creme brulee!
The creme brulee part was pretty much short, because all we did was measure out the ingredients, and listened as Chef Ang explained the processes - from measurements, to recipe calculation, to egg tempering, and water baths for the actual cooking of the custard. I got to torch my own creme brulee, which was strangely gratifying (and delightfully delicious).

We did the French macarons more than a few times - about a couple of times during the actual class, then spent some time after class to help with the washing and mise en place for the chef's next class. In total I think we made 6-7 batches of cocoa, coffee, and green tea macaron shells, filled with either chocolate ganache, raspberry cheese, or strawberry Chantilly filling.

Star Trip (soy milk, honey, and pearls) from Little Star Cafe.
It was a quick early dinner at Little Star Cafe before heading home, and continuously getting stuck at red lights. I now have a fairly large container of completed French macarons, and some coffee macaron shells that have yet to be filled~

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