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Monday, July 1, 2013

Spending on Sunday

I haven't had a Sunday out with friends in a long time... We headed to Mid Valley at around 14:00 to get some event info for our assignment. And we did, and that was the most mundane part of the day, which took a maximum of, what, 10 minutes? We just needed a couple of photos...

We found Evan and Jeanna in Bershka, and before that they were in MNG. Overall, I'm not a shopping person, especially if a T-shirt costs over MYR30 in a single boutique (and most of the boutiques we visited in that day were expensive places). Which is why I'm partially bitching about my stupid examination timetable which placed two papers in one day, and the exact time when my mum and sister planned another shopping trip to Bangkok...

I had a choice between red, pink, salmon, gray, white, this baby blue, and black. Cropped T-shirt with folded sleevelets from Bershka - MYR18.90 (on sale).
ANYWAYS, I found multicolored crop-tops on sale at Bershka, and I was like "I NEED DIS SO MUCH". My wardrobe has not really been tailored to my body mods yet, so I'm trying to stock up on more cropped pieces. =P The next thing I've to do is to figure out how to wear this...

I discovered that Topshop make-up is pretty inexpensive, especially when you compare it to The Face Shop. (my opinion LOL) Perhaps that'll be my stop the next time I need to restock on cosmetics~ Miss Selfridge, ZARA, and F21 didn't hold much of my interests.

And my hunt for new oversized aviators is still on - my manliness in handling my bags broke my loyal pair from Nichii. F21 and Vincci Accessories had some I wanted, but over my price budget (I'm a freakin' cheapskate) and not really what I'm looking for (I liked the ones with pale pink metallic frames, though).

Plan b.'s menu - a stack of printed papers attached to an embossed wooden board with thick rubber bands.
We had some sort of a late lunch at Plan b. (a place I've never eaten before this, as with a lot of other places). The stuff was ... expensive, but not bad. Service was alright, quality and taste was good; it's just the price that pretty much puts me off - something like dining at Delicious.

Moroccan lamb meatball (spagehettini) - MYR24.00 (subject to service charge and government tax)
I ordered a spaghettini with lamb meatballs in Moroccan style. I can't exactly pinpoint the taste profile, but it had a very nice, smokey, Middle-Eastern spice flavor throughout the pasta. The meatballs were... perfect. The entire dish was complimented by grilled eggplant and grilled cherry tomatoes. Overall: not too oily, not too saucy, but not too dry, either - a perfect balance.

Italian iced coffee - MYR10
The coffee was a rip-off, though... "Italian Iced Coffee". There was no ice (there's a different between a 'cold' drink and an 'iced' drink), and was bitter for my taste. So I took Jeanna's unused simple syrup meant for her lychee lime frosty and sweetened my coffee. Sorry if I killed any coffee-drinking traditions here... =x

Win Aun's Caramel Banana Chocolate Cake.
Win Aun randomly ordered a caramel banana chocolate cake. It just sounds so... calorie-heavy. It looked kinda pretty, garnished with various caramel-coated nuts (almond, walnut,and macadamia, I think), but I didn't have a taste of it.

We spent the rest of the day watching Jeanna shop. Yeah, that's pretty much it. I'm now enjoying a nice dose of Davide Sonar tracks~

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