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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My amazing fall

Ever seen someone get over 19 wounds by cycling? Well, I did. Actually, I fell while cycling, so there's a slight difference. =P

Here's what happened: we were cycling downhill, and I was carefully utilizing the back brakes to keep the speed in check. I let go of the brakes for a while to gain a little speed, and being not used to the strength of the brakes, I pumped the back brakes a little too hard and (according to 'expert' opinion) the back wheel skidded and I landed generally on my left side... on tarmac, for about a meter or so.

And the awesome thing is even my head got it, but thankfully, it isn't serious. A couple of deep but short gashes at my brow, scratches on my left temple extending all the way into the hairline, almost to the back of the head.

Basically, I'm really thankful that I didn't have to end up mummified in the ICU, and just walked away with multiple (painful) skin wounds. I think the trip to the clinic was the funniest time in Jasmine's life LOL. Who else laughs like a retarded hyena (and verbally fucking everything) when she's getting her wounds cleaned? Me. Hi.

Everyone was saying "how the hell did you manage to fall?", and "how the hell are you not bawling your eyes out?" I mean, it was painful, don't get me wrong, but it wasn't really THAT excruciating that it would summon tears. And besides, laughter releases hormones in your bloodstream that acts as painkillers! =D

Am recovering now, though showers are beyond excruciating, and I only can sleep on one side (partially comfortably right now). Almost every movement hurts, but I'm still thankful that I didn't pump the front brakes, and I didn't land in the ICU. And I can officially declare that the love of my life is Jasmine~ =3

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