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Friday, March 15, 2013

A day of books

14th MARCH 2013

The day started off dreary - my sister and I weren't used to waking up anytime before 12pm, and yet we were ready and out of the house by 10.30am.

I took the familiar route to campus, and I definitely need to go out more: I almost literally melted under the morning sun.

Our first destination was the library, where I found a couple of books about Italian food. Yes, when I fangirl, I go all out! I'm the stalker-type fangirl, but I've gotten lazy: when I first found Gackt, I Googled him and went through over 50 pages of image search results, and saved over 600 photos.

Takes a look at the various food productions in the different regions of Italy (I realize Piedmont is always the first on the list).
Anyway, most of the Italian food books at the library were big, thick, and heavy (most of them hard-covered books). One about the food of each region with a few recipes, the other one of ICE CREAM. Like I need any more of that.

A book of recipes for gelatos, sorbetto, granita, and semifreddi.
We had some pretty bad lunch at U&I, and I got some access to some juicy gossip. Strange, because I seldom see guys gossiping. At least I don't remember seeing any guys gossiping. Anyway after lunch and gossiping, we (the odd trio) picked up our RM250 BB1M book vouchers.

Talk about cover design originality. Spotted at Borders, The Gardens.
Spotted at Borders, The Gardens. Since when has Spiderman and Metallica philosophy been related to religion? Unless my ignorance is depriving me of some knowledge.
Found these treasures at Borders, The Gardens. Why are English comics so expensive?!
We took a drive to Mid Valley, and checked out the book stores there (Sunway Pyramid and Paradigm Mall only have Popular Book Store, or do they?) for books that we can use our vouchers for.

Fully illustrated and full color book of tattoos. RM39.90 at MPH, Mid Valley. There were only 3 tattoo books (under ONE shelf of beauty books, where I also found the Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual for RM76.90 [paperback]) - this one; one about dragon designs for tattoos; and the last one was thick, small, and tattered.
A lot of people will be mad with my choice of spending... but I bought a book on tattoos... My mother would be pissed off, and so would everyone else hoping I would give up on the sheer thought of getting another tattoo. But it's an interesting book: it explains some of the popular designs, with fully illustrated photos, and write-ups about some tattoo artists who specialize in specific designs of tattoos.

So, basically I came home with 3 books, and one ebikko mayo onigiri from Aeon (Jusco). And then went out again for nyonya dinner again. A bit filling, though, especially after the onigiri (better than the one I tried MAIU).

This time we ordered an otak-otak. In Malay it means "brain", but actually it's a spicy minced fish cake, either smooth, or with chunks of fish or shrimp in it. This isn't the typical "moist" one with lots of juices, but it was delicious enough without being too spicy.

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