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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Improved 30 Day Song Challenge: Day 24

Full list here.

Day 24: A Song that is Anti-YOU

A song that isn't me... This is tough, 'cause I listen to a lot of the songs I listen to because they're relative to my feelings and thoughts.

And there could be a few different interpretations to this question, so I'm not quite sure how to approach it.

I think I'll go with this interpretation: the song that isn't my style. In general, anything that is punk, monotonous rap, or screamo isn't my type. Maybe I'll go with...

Isn't about the music, but rather the lyrics. The chorus sings, "break up happily, I wish you happiness". I believe in karma, and I actually don't wish happiness on anyone who would hurt me.

But then again, it's also a song that describes me: letting go is like taking a ride on a slow train - after a while, everything becomes clear and much more cheerful.


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