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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Improved 30 Day Song Challenge: Day 19

Full list here.

Day 19: A Song You Will Never Get Tired of

I missed a few days, now I'm replacing them. Too busy with CNY!!!

I guess repetitive playing of a song would be really boring, and there are so many songs that I love playing over and over again...

There are tons of songs that I never get tired of, and depending on my mood, I could replay them over and over and over again, 24/7 for over two weeks. Songs like that include the GazettE's Pledge and Davide Sonar's Natural and Reactor.

GazettE has tons of tracks - hits, misses, and some tracks like The xx's Intro. The one I love listening to on replay when I feel in a more subdued bad-ass mood: The End. The bass guitar is just...

Here's the lyrics to the song, provided by a fellow Youtuber in the video's comments.

Ruki: theory
Aoi: free
Kai: treasure
Reita: fuck
Uruha: stand up
Ruki: liberty
Aoi: raise
Kai: past
Reita: money
Uruha: alien

Ruki: Inochi
Aoi: Umi
Kai: Aisuru
Reita: Kamigami
Uruha: Jintoku
Ruki: Shinrai
Aoi: youen
Kai: chuushini
Reita: kizuna
Uruha: shinnen

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