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Monday, February 11, 2013

Improved 30 Day Song Challenge: Day 18

Full list here.

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Day 18: Another Favorite Band

A band, to me, is a group of people who play instruments and sing. Groups like BigBang, or KAT-TUN are more like just boygroups to me, and don't qualify as bands.

Another favorite band... Instead of another Japanese band, why not go with an English-oriented band?

I basically grew up with Maroon 5, consciously or unconsciously. I think most of us have, giving us hits like She Will Be Loved. Maroon 5 only came to my attention when they performed Makes Me Wonder on Japanese music show Music Station.

It's a favorite band mostly because it sort of a background music to my childhood, like before I actively started listening to anime songs, or Britney and Avril, Maroon 5 along with many oldies (like ABBA) were songs that were frequently played on the radio, much like Bruno Mars is played often on the radio now (it's been some time since I actually tuned in to any radio channel since I listen to music from my own digital "collection" now).

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