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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Rock while driving!

I've gotten somewhat tired of radio music (unless I find the songs suited to my liking), which is why I risked paying a potential RM400 fine per pirated/copied/self-burned CD if I get caught. Trust me, driving on an empty highway, with J-rock blasting out of your speakers make driving more awesome than it already is!

  1. Pink Spider by hide with Spread Beaver
  2. Hello by hyde
  3. Shiroi Uso by Kagrra,
  4. Utakata by Kagrra,
  5. A-Ha by Miyavi
  6. Sakihokoru Hana no Youni -Neo Visualizm- by Miyavi
  7. Chizuru by the GazettE
  8.  Silly God Disco by the GazettE
  9. Cassis by the GazettE
  10. Serenade by Versailles
  11. PLEDGE by the GazettE
  12. Suicide Circus by the GazettE
  13. The Invisible Wall by the GazettE
  14. Forever Love by X Japan
  15. Mad Sky by Pierrot
  16. Selfish Love by Miyavi
For now I only have one J-rock filled CD (as awesome as my car's audio system is, it doesn't have a USB jack). I've been trying to burn another one using NTI DVD Maker for the past hour, but so far I don't have any luck.

And the weird thing is that my portable music player has also broken. I think some unknown force is trying to wean me off J-rock. Tough luck there, 'cause even my temporary obsessions with K-pop didn't waver my love for J-rock!

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