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Sunday, November 4, 2012

REVIEW: Kungfu Paradise, Mid Valley Megamall

Every trip to Mid Valley calls for an event of food at a nice family restaurant, be it Nando's or Pasta Zanmai. I saw a notice on Facebook some time ago, announcing the opening of Kungfu Paradise at Mid Valley, and we passed by today, so we walked in for a taste.

I think the restaurant can be categorized as an Asian-fusion cafe, because the menu and the style of the entire restaurant reminded me of restaurants like Kim Gary - a mix of Asian food, along with some Western selections.

The menu. This was the basic color scheme for the entire restaurant.
At first glance, the place seemed welcoming - the orange-and-red color combo with black and white accents on the walls and furniture were inviting. The only thing was that the entire place seemed a little bit crammed, and the music was a little too loud.

The menu presented us with a wide variety of options - rice, noodles, Japanese curry rice, baked rice, toast, etc. There was even steaks and spaghetti, so naturally my expectations were further raised.

Our orders, after reselecting. You write down your own orders, and you pay at the counter.
We were disappointed, however, when the waitress came back (twice) telling us that the beef dishes that we ordered were sold out ... at 12pm on a Sunday. Four dishes ordered, and two of them were out of stock. Never mind that, the waitress just stood there with her mouth slightly open as my mum started complaining to her in Cantonese.

*click to enlarge* Top left: the 3 signature items of the restaurant. The rest: the selection of drinks.
*click to enlarge* the rest of the menu, complete with dessert, noodles, and toast.
Which brings me to another point - overall service. The staff were quite professionally dressed, but the way they conducted service just made me mad. The ones that served us didn't know their own dishes, worked quite slowly, and seriously lacked communication skills. There was also very obvious tell-tale signs of lack of training.

Noodle with chicken chipolata sausage and egg - RM7.90
The fastest dish to arrive was the noodle my mum ordered - Nissin noodle with chipolata sausage and egg. Duh. It's Japanese instant noodles. The soup was nice though - it wasn't the seasoning soups that some restaurants typically serve.

From left: Oreo frappe - RM11.90; pomegranate iced tea - RM7.50; rock melon iced tea - RM7.50.
The next to arrive were the drinks. Even the drinks menu was quite extensive, ranging from fruit juices to coffee to smoothies to different flavors of iced tea. My younger sister ordered herself an Oreo frappe, while my older sister and I ordered a pomegranate and rock melon iced tea respectively. Could've been better, especially given the price.

Chicken chop bake rice with cream and curry sauce - RM13.90.
My sister initially ordered a beef steak baked rice from the Flaming Hot Bake Rice section, but since the beef was non-existent at that time, she had a baked rice with chicken chop in cream-and-curry sauce. The chicken was nice and tender, and flavor-wise, it was not too bad.

Crispy chicken cutlet curry rice with egg - RM14.90
Me being my usual Japanese-obsessed self, ordered the Japanese curry rice with chicken katsu. The menu specifically said that the rice was Japanese pearl rice, but what I got was Thai rice. That aside, the entire dish itself was good - the egg was beautiful (didn't eat the yolk, though), the curry and veggies were perfect, and the chicken was oh-so-succulent.

Fish and chicken combo - RM18.90
My younger sister's dish took 40 minutes to arrive, despite only being fries, grilled chicken chops, and a deep fried battered fish fillet. She initially ordered a beef steak. I had no idea how her dish came out, but to my older sister's expert tongue, it was really not bad.

This is a joint review between my mother, my sisters, and I. All photos were taken with Samsung Galaxy Note; edited with

My final verdict is approach at your own risk. Our visit was pretty much disastrous, but perhaps you wouldn't mind putting up with bad service for nice food. All prices are subject to 10% service tax.

Food - 8.5 / 10
Variety - 7.5 / 10
Environment - 7 / 10
Service - 4 / 10
Price - 7 / 10
Location - 9.5 / 10

Kungfu Paradise Sdn Bhd (owned by Paradise Group)
Lot LG074A, Lower Ground Floor,
Mid Valley Megamall,
Lingkaran Syed Putra
59200 Kuala Lumpur.

Business Hours 10am - 10pm daily (9.30pm - last order)
Telephone no. +603 2202 3099
Fax no. +603 2201 8799

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