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Thursday, November 1, 2012

October in food photos

Apart from my birthday, this October was filled with lots of different types of FOOOOD! Well, I still have lots of stuff I haven't redeemed for my birthday, but the food was nice~

Sweet potato crunch @ Arisan, Syopz, Taylor's Lakeside Campus

 The Arisan that opened frequently whenever Taylor's University allowed stalls finally opened up a half-unit eatery at Syopz. What they still is typically Taiwanese fried stuff and tea. The dish that caught my eye was the sweet potato crunch, which was very reminiscent of Taiwan Dami's deep-fried plum sweet potato.

Basically the same thing, except for the plum powder, but this one had a different flavor and texture (Dami's were fries, while these were thin slices). And they're also cheaper - a small platter like that costs only RM3.90!

Bacon and mushroom fettucine carbonara

My older sister made a few rounds of carbonara this month. @_@ The first batch was fettucine with bacon and mushroom, while the second batch was with seafood. Needless to say, the bacon one tasted much better. For the seafood batch, it somehow lacked flavor and body, and the shrimp we had wasn't too fresh. =P

Taken with Jasmine's iPhone. Chicken Maryland @ Little Star Cafe, Serdang

We went to Little Star Cafe at Serdang for lunch on the first day of our (Jasmine, Jeanna and me) filming for our Innovative Media video assignment. In a way, I dread video assignments - the filming, talent communication, timing, editing, music, etc. It's just so stressful and tedious.

Anyway, Little Star is somewhat of a homey, Western-oriented cafe-restaurant, decorated with rather dim lights, cute ornaments, a shelf full of toys and magazines, as well as a few low tables with curtains. The walls were painted orange, which is a color that evokes both appetite and cheerfulness. Seems like a rather child-friendly cafe~

I just got my navel piercing a few days prior to the day of this shooting, so I couldn't eat seafood, and according to some, chicken, beef, and pork as well. I was convinced otherwise and ordered a chicken Maryland, paired with a glass of honeydew juice (RM16.90, tax-free).

It was basically a chicken thigh that was slightly over-breaded and deep fried, along with fries and a small pile of coleslaw that I did not touch (I automatically avoid coleslaw ever since I got tired of KFC's plastic-tasting coleslaw). The good thing was that the chicken was juicy, and didn't have that tongue-numbing effect that over-seasoned deep-fried chops have.

The thing I liked about Little Star was that the menu was extremely extensive. I do know that in most cafes like these, most of the sauces, soups, and whatnot are pre-prepared, but I like that they gave much more options than a typical Western cafe would.

Taken with Jasmine's iPhone. Chicken and mushroom steamed rice @ Old Town White Coffee
In general, I wouldn't order rice dishes from most places, except Chinese restaurants where they serve the dishes and the rice separately. It's partially because I really don't like how dry the rice comes out of some restaurants, and have an automatic aversion to it, similar to my aversion of coleslaw (and cabbage) in general.

I decided to break my rule for once (only because I couldn't decide on what to eat) and ordered this. Surprisingly, the portion size was reasonable. I seldom visit Old Town because the portion sizes are usually not up to par with the prices they charge.

The chicken was tender, the rice was moist and flavorful, and the mushrooms provided an overall pleasant, earthy aroma to the entire dish. This, if I remember correctly, was from the lunch menu (came with a drink), for RM9.90.

Sambal chicken steamed rice @ Old Town White Coffee
This was another event where I didn't want to order a tiny portion of asam laksa for RM7.50, and opted for this. The chicken was minced and shaped into a patty, steamed with the rice, and topped with sambal.

It was satisfying - the chicken patty wasn't dry, and the rice was just moist enough. I like rice that doesn't stick to every damn thing. =D I really can't differentiate different kinds of sambal, but this one had onions, and it got my sinus burning. It was nice though, for RM7.50 (if my memory serves me right).

Jeanna had a sudden passion for baking this month, and one day she brought some beautiful products of her baking for us~ I love making cookies, especially when you get to mix the dough with your hands. =3

In comparison, I think these are similar to the chocolate cookies my younger sister makes, but these are just less chocolatey, and slightly more moist.

Lemon cupcakes by Jeanna~ The letters represent all of us - Susu, Jasmine, Quinie, Kellie (moi), and Evan~
I'm usually not a fan of cupcakes, 'cause they're usually either too sweet, too dry, or both. In comparison, I'd prefer muffins, especially the vanilla ones from Kenny Rogers. XD

These dainty lemon cupcakes, however, were an exception. It was just sweet enough, while still retaining the refreshing flavor and aroma of the lemon. And I seldom like lemon cakes and pastries, mind you. In a way, I'm bloody picky with my food. @_@

Hazelnut Chocolate Milk Tea with Coffee Jelly @ Chatime
I hadn't had Chatime in a couple of months. Firstly due to self-inflicted diet restrictions; secondly, because of financial restrictions. However, for October, BCard gave me 590 B-Points to redeem at Chatime, and this was my (as well as Chatime's and BCard's) belated birthday present to myself.


As for other updates, on my "interesting" life, I hadn't gone for the massage that I was so intent on getting, and now my chance for a 50% discount for my facial and massage. My legs are smooth, though, thanks to Veet. =D

Assignments have been continuously flooding in since a few weeks ago, and though we've been given more than sufficient time, we kinda focused too much on one assignment and neglected the other, because now we're basically rushing EVERYTHING. It didn't really help that we suddenly needed 300 questionnaire responses within a week.

For today, we finally finished up our Innovative Media video assignment. All the technical problems from the Mac OS and Final Cut Pro 7 were gut-wreching - "WHY IS IT TAKING SO LONG TO RENDER?!", "WHY IS IT NOT MOVING?!", "WHERE THE HELL IS THE CD SLOT?!". Please feel free to imagine how jittery we were.

It also didn't really help when our DVD couldn't play - the lecturer said our DVD was written on twice, and hence couldn't read or something. Jasmine, being the sensible and logical person that she is, had the video on her thumb drive, and we submitted our video from there.

Just so tired these few days. A formal interview planned on Friday, a presentation tomorrow, and Spanish homework. Oh, Spanish homework.

Oh, yes. I also forgot to mention that my car is being sort of a biatch right now. Sometimes she's alright, other times she just doesn't wanna behave. Ah~ The woes of having a car. Got some compliments on my gear-shift handling today, though. At least, I consider it a compliment.

And I found a nice iPad game today via Jasmine's iPad. I think it's called Airport Scanner, where you're the airport security, and you have to go through everyone's luggage to detect illegal items.

I shall stop ranting now and sleep. It's another full day tomorrow. BRING ON THE COFFEE!!!

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