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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Nescafe 3in1 Brown and Creamy

Just a few days ago, our campus had a Career/Employment Fair held at the Multipurpose Grand Hall, featuring potential future employers such as Nestle and Shell, but most of the booths were more to hospitality related.

Though, to be honest, where mass communication students are concerned, we fit in almost anywhere, because most companies require PR personnel, advertisers, etc. To be honest, the main reason we went there was to get an extra 5% on a particular subject.

"Nescafe's new premixed 3 in 1 Brown and Creamy coffee with brown sugar offers the delicious thick and creamy coffee taste. With the added layer of foam, every cup is unforgettable."

Our first stop was Nestle, because we met a few classmates there, and there were freebies available from their booth. YAY! We got a sample pack of Nescafe each, and there was Fox candy, Kit Kat and the wafer crunch bar.

Love at first sip.

Today's review is on the coffee~ I've been a fan of coffee, but recently shy away from it. The cute packaging holds 2x 25g sachets of 3in1 coffee mix. The highlight of this mix, which is different from the regular Nescafe 3in1s, are in the contents.

Brown and Creamy contains more creamer, and uses brown sugar instead of refined sugar. The extra creamer gives a much creamier texture, and more creamy foam on top; and brown sugar gives that really beautiful aroma to pretty much everything~

The moment you open the sachet, you get this creamy, coffee aroma. I love that it has a perforated edge to open, instead of just a printed arrow. I have a lust for perforated edges, which is why I go nuts when I'm asked to tear off panels from forms with perforated edges. @_@

For regular hot coffee, add in 180ml of 80'C water. For cold coffee, use only 100ml of 80'C water, and add in 8 ice cubes.

There are two ways to make your coffee - regular hot, and iced. Refer to picture above. I made the hot one, and I was welcomed with that foamy top layer that I love breaking apart by stirring~

I was expecting some rich coffee aroma, but even my Dolce Gusto coffees that taste wonky has more aroma. The taste, however, was unique. It wasn't as creamy as I'd expected, but it was somewhat a pleasant creaminess. It isn't as sweet, but that's how brown sugar is - it's aromatic, but not as sweet as refined sugar.

Nothing really beats a nice cup of coffee in the morning~

All in all, a unique cup of coffee. Something that I would probably reach for the next time I have coffee =D

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