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Sunday, October 21, 2012


I'm an October girl, and my birthday falls on the 19th day of this month~ This is why I have a particular attachment to the month October, as well as the number 19.

This year's birthday was as the past few years - sweet, but understated. My older sister always gets me something that is somewhat intricate, but always suited to my tastes. This year, she got me:

Joint present by my sister and her BF: The Face Shop Lovely ME:EX Mini Pet Perfume Hand Cream in 03 White Floral & 04 Fruity Floral~

My birthday dinner is still yet to come, but I'll first thank Jasmine, Jeanna, and Jason for the little celebration at Backofen, with the help of a friendly staff there~ Despite my general dislike for cakes with fruits, both the cakes were delectable~

As for others, I plan to get a long-overdue massage at Holistic Touch - my shoulders are killing me, and I get a 50% discount because it's my birthday =3

Bejewelled heart barbell for my belly piercing~

Oh, yes, and I got a souvenir from Jasmine and Jeanna from when they went to Bangkok~

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