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Thursday, September 20, 2012

What if I was a cyborg?

This thought just came to mind randomly today - what if I was a human machine? Perhaps it was something to do with the question that I asked one of my seniors earlier on - what would you do if you could change into the opposite sex for one day?

Cyborgs. It is a human-resembling machine. Outside, all the skin and features are human, but inside is all machinery. Probably the most popular image that pops up when 'cyborg' is mentioned is Terminator. That's a little too macho for me.

Instead, what came to mind was more of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex cyborg, or perhaps Treasure Planet cyborg. An image that came to mind was the picture for a single called Moonlight, by she (recommended by previously mentioned senior). Although I know the image is just a photo of a girl, with montage layered on top, it still gives the feeling that she's a cyborg.

To be honest, I really don't know what would happen if I were a cyborg. I would be completely computer programmed, for sure, but would I be a villain, a hero, or a mediocre, just-existing cyborg?

How would I look like? Would I look exactly like I am right now, or would I be "perfected" - skin, features, proportions? Would I have appearance changing functions? Would my skin be human tissue, like the Terminator's, or would I have non-biological skin?

Would I be able to see something, and recognize the compositions of an item? Would I be able to detect a lie from truth when uttered? Would I be like Achilles, who had no weakness but that on his ankle?

Would I be loved by all, or alienated like Edward Scissorhands? Would I be able to feel emotion as humans do?

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