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Monday, September 17, 2012

Impromptu dinner

It's seldom that I go out alone with a guy (except with the boyfriend, whom, at this time, is non-existent), except when it's to catch up with old friends.

Now when I mean old, I mean old. Like I've known him since primary school. Unless you count the one who has known me since I was in kindergarten (but have lost touch with him), he along with Cassandra, Yu Ning and Chiu Yee are my oldest friends.

The dinner was supposed to be with another girl, who wanted to stay at home to accompany her mum, so it became a two person dinner. At Domino's. Which didn't provide dine-in services, actually, but we had out dinner there anyway.

From left clockwise: regular Classic Hand-Tossed Classified Chicken pizza, Breadstix with anonymous sauce, garlic cheese onion rings, and lousy chicken lasagna.

We ordered the set - regular Classified Chicken, Breadstix, 2 Pepsis, and added on a chicken lasagna, and garlic cheese onion rings. The pizza was oh-so-cheesy, the Breadstix were delectable, the garlic cheese onion rings were heavenly, but when we opened the lasagna...

Miserable chunk of lasagna. The pasta was soggy.

We kinda expected it to fill out the edges at the least, if not with cheese sticking on the lid. And it looked so... dry. It turned out to be slightly less than mediocre. RM11 gone, just like that.

By the end of that meal, we were full to the brim already. We took a short walk, and ended up having drinks at Chatime.

He had sent me a link to a yaoi anime earlier today. Yaoi means guy romance. This particular episode talked about how these two half-brothers were fighting over Misaki, and he was sent endless supplies of strawberries, just because he had mentioned that he liked strawberries.

Left: Strawberry Pudding Au Lait; right: Strawberry Chocolate Milk Tea.

Hence, we both ordered strawberry-related drinks. Seriously, I've been to Chatime so many times, I really don't know which drink to choose now that I go there, which is why I tend to just pass. I chose a strawberry chocolate milk tea, which was strange for me, because I seldom like strawberry AND chocolate flavored food.

Didn't turn out nice though - on your palate it's like tea, then strawberry, then weird chocolate, then all mixed together to form a slightly gag-inducing taste.

Just before we set off home, I had to pack some chicken wings from Domino's for my sister, which I almost forgot about. It's really nice to just talk, share things and generally catch up with each other after so long.

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