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Sunday, July 8, 2012


I'll have to put my white flag up and put down my assumption that shopping wasn't therapeutic - maybe it was because all the "shopping" I did before was window-shopping, and there wasn't much stuff that I wanted that I could actually buy.

When I go out, I usually won't buy more than one or two items, depending on the situation. This time, I got almost everything that I wanted! (to be elaborated later) The only thing I didn't get was a pair of strappy leather heels from Charles & Keith - they were awfully pretty, and they were comfortable.

Purple sakura-print yukata with lilac obi - RM89.00 [Jusco]

The first item that I got the entire day was a YUKATA. A yukata is a summer kimono - usually made from cotton, and with significantly less layers than a traditional kimono. The patterns on the yukata you wear depends on your age. For example, goldfish and/or paper ball patterns are for younger girls. However, the more traditional patterns are floral.

Bon Odori is around the corner, and I was thrilled when I spotted the yukatas on sale at Jusco, Mid Valley (the ladies' floor, men's yukatas also available). The yukata along with the obi was only RM89, and now I'm completely in love with my new purple sakura-print yukata!

However, due to my height (I'm only 162cm, that's about 5' 3" I think), the yukata was a bit too long. Alright it was way too long, with about at least 20cm more fabric at the leg, but it was so pwetty~

The Face Shop Lovely ME:EX Auto Eyebrow Pencil in 02 Grey Brown - RM24.90 (if I'm not mistaken)

The trip to The Face Shop was as usual - I needed an eyebrow pencil since mine finished. It was until my mum got home and was rearranging her skincare and make-up that she found that she had one brow pencil (almost completely untouched) that she doesn't want.

Kao Liese Hair Color in Antique Rose - RM37.80 [Watsons]

I'm sure many of you have heard of Kao's Liese hair dye - instead of regular applied hair dye, this is actually a foam, so that all strands of hair can be dyed evenly. Ever since my friends dyed their hair using Liese (one used Chiffon Beige, another friend used Cassis Berry), I've been wanting to get my hands on one.

It wasn't until now that I got my own, and I think they've come up with new shades (Elegant Ash, True Chocolat, etc), and Antique Rose looked much more pink/red toned than Cassis Berry, which is supposed to be a pink with a brown undertone). Anyhow, I'm waiting for the next weekend (when I've just washed my hair) to dye it, and I'll do another blog post on that!

The food we had that day was SCRUMPTIOUS. Nando's chicken is one of our favorite places to have grilled chicken. It used to be Kenny Rogers, but then the Malaysian management decided to do all kinds of funny things to it (like calling it KRR rather than Kenny Rogers Roasters). Their chicken is wonderfully roasted to perfection and to the spiciness of your choice.

Of course, you could pair your meal with their unique sidelines, and/or with their signature sauces available. They also have a wide selection of drinks, desserts and kids meals~

For dessert... Tong Pak Fu (named after the ancient Chinese scholar of the same name) is located on the top floor at Mid Valley, somewhat next to the Barbie store. It has a wide selection of desserts available, but the most popular ones are the shaved ice.

It's shaved ice is similar to the ones at the 100Y stores, but with more condiments and flavors. I was craving Snowflake's Japan Combo, and Tong Pak Fu had soya ice! There are also mochi, ice cream, waffles and cream of nut soups. You also can get a 10% discount on the entire bill by showing the cashier your student ID card!

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