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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Paradigm Mall haul

Kinda ironic 'cause we were studying paradigms in communication theory when the mall opened. Anyway, since my dad was back we took a swing by Paradigm Mall to check it out. First thing I wanna say: the person who planned the entering route, parking lot and general building layout - you are a complete "genius". The layout, to me, is too confusing.

However, I do like the selection of shops there, as well as the general graphic architecture. On to the shopping. The first store was somewhat of a craft cum gift store with lots of plastic flowers, gift boxes, wall deco, etc. Oh, yeah, and the management should also try to adjust their air conditioning 'cause it was like Alaska or Siberia there.

Peep toe heels from Payless Shoesource - RM159.90 (approx.)

Payless Shoesource is my favorite store now! Lots and lots of different shoes of different designs, all organized by size, so there's no need to wait for the salesperson to find your size of that shoe style. The prices are quite reasonable, but some of the heels have too high an inclination, which makes it difficult and painful for walking.

Salmon skirt from Nichii - RM29.90

After some random walking-arounds and shop-surveys, we stopped at Nichii and kinda knocked ourselves out. Contrary to my regular stand-and-wait persona, I was actually browsing everything and trying on clothes. I think it has to do with the extra number of 'yes's to my purchase requests when my dad is back~

Suki-Ya is right beside Tong Pak Fu~
Choose any selection of chicken, lamb and/or beef~
A number of soup stocks are available - miso (right), kimchi, etc.
Apart from a free flow of various meats, noodles, and sukiyaki ingredients, there's also a free flow of ice cream (green tea, chocolate and black sesame) complete with toppings~

Before we proceeded with any other shopping, LUNCH! Suki-Ya provides all-you-can eat lunch and dinner  sukiyaki-style at fixed prices (subject to 10% service tax and 6% government tax). Limitless beef, lamb, delicious veggies, udon, and ICE CREAM! Well, the food was good, but the ice cream wasn't much to shout about - too little green tea taste, but it was good with chocolate rice crispies.

And after lunch, the shopping continued, though we wanted to grab some dessert from Tong Pak Fu. And since we were too full I suggested that we walk around to digest some of the food before proceeding for dessert~

Dark teal and rust colored skinny jeans from Kitschen - RM89.00

Kitschen is right beside Nichii and Cotton On, and I spotted some nice skinny jeans! All my jeans are now really loose (they've always been baggy, though), and the jeans were on sale at RM89 for two pairs (one pair cost RM69.90).

Tong Pak Fu is all the craze now!
Not one of their signature dishes, but the Horlicks ice was served with sago,  lychee juice bubbles and rainbow jelly~

Tong Pak Fu was kinda as usual, and this time I ordered a Horlicks flavored ice, and then I realized that I have a love-hate relationship with the taste of malt. I'm kinda addicted to the taste, but yet the taste also disgusts me to a certain extent (makes sense?). The durian one was awesome though~

We redeemed a T-shirt (purchase RM200 in a single or combination of two receipts and you're entitled to redeem a T-shirt) then headed home, where everyone kinda just went to sleep.

Maybe it's because the mall is new, and there's still room for more shops, but I think the place could do with a little improvement~

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