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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Cafe Review: In House Cafe, Seri Petaling

My dad just came home a few days ago, and on the same day we were working at Pureen's warehouse sales, so instead of cooking dinner we opted to eat out. Dad wanted noodles, and didn't want to eat at Face to Face or Taiwan Dami, so settled for In House Cafe.

According to one of my younger sister's good friends, the place was something like Pappa Rich, but I'll have to disagree with her. Pappa Rich serves mostly "Malaysian" food, while this one was a mixture of dim sum, Western and Asian food.

In House is located opposite Old Town White Coffee and Bonga Korean BBQ, as well as QQ Internet Cafe and Kam Lun Tai Restaurant. It takes up 3 shop lots and has an abundant amount of tables. It uses the button call system, so would be rather efficient.

I ordered a cheese-baked rice with fish, and a hot jasmine milk tea. The food actually came quite quickly, which was a plus, and so did the drinks. I wanted to order a fresh juice at first, but it cost RM5.00, and I didn't know how big the serving was, so I settled for the milk tea.

Cheese baked rice with fish - RM12.90

The cheese-baked rice was more of cream sauce-covered rice with a thin layer of cheese on the top, with a fish-and-chips-esque piece of fish on top. The good thing was that the rice wasn't baked until dehydrated, and the fish was perfectly cooked (albeit a bit over breaded).

Jasmine milk tea - RM3.90

The jasmine milk tea wasn't what I expected. I kinda expected the taste from Dami or Chatime, but it was neither, but still it tasted familiar (like my preferred English breakfast tea?). However, the tea didn't seem to have an even color, even after stirring, and that kinda bugged me.

The prices are average, but leaning toward the expensive side - a meal for 6 people (7 main dishes) and 3 drinks totaled up to RM101.10, inclusive of 10% service tax. That's an average of RM16.85 per person (inclusive of the tax), which is really quite expensive.

The service was horrible, though. All the staff were foreign staff who were taught certain phrases to answer some FAQs from the customers. None of them knew the food they were serving, and when asked what was what, just shoved the crumpled order ticket in your face. When my mum asked for chopped red chilies, he almost mispronounced "hijau" ("green" in Malay) when saying they only had green chilies.


  • Food - 6 / 10
  • Variety - 7 / 10
  • Environment - 6.5 / 10
  • Service - 4 / 10
  • Price - 5.5 / 10
  • Location - 7.5 / 10

In House Cafe
No. 53, Jalan Radin Anum,
Bandar Baru Seri Petaling,
57000 Kuala Lumpur.

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