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Monday, June 11, 2012

Singapore haul + food tripping

Having several relatives in Singapore, we always make a trip down every now and again. The things I look forward to the most? The food, and also the shopping. After conversion, a lot of the stuff are actually cheaper than if you get it in Malaysia. For example, Daiso (the famous 100Yen store) charges S$2 in Singapore, convert it to Malaysian Ringgit and you will have about RM4. In Malaysia, Daiso charges RM5.

Our favorite shop is the 3 for $10 shop in People's Park - all items, except those marked otherwise, are 3 items for $10. The items there are mostly souvenirs, i.e. keychains, mugs, magnets, display trinkets, etc. There are also accessories, wallets, and bags (target market are mostly women).

My pink maiko solar-powered doll which is now Bluetacked to my dashboard~

I got for myself a nodding solar-powered Maiko doll for my car. Since my car is basically empty, I thought I'd display my Japanese love with a not-so-authentic Maiko doll on the dashboard~

White strapless dress with black stripes - S$17.90

There's an H&M on Orchard Road, which apparently opened not too long ago. I know H&M as a trendy, young place to shop for apparel and accessories (correct me if I'm wrong). The place was practically jam-packed, with the fitting room and cashier line long as hell.

"You Don't Say" printed tank top by Alexis MacKenzie - S$24.90

There are two levels for women's apparel, and one on the top floor for men's apparel, if my memory serves me right. I got for myself a white with black stripes tube dress, and a loose printed tank top.

Not exactly the most things I've bought in a go, but it's more than I've bought on previous trips, which remind me that I have the May haul post to put up.

Now for the FOOD! There are a lot of unique food places in Singapore that I love, and they are the things I most look forward to.

Our first meal in Singapore was at the Old Hong Kong Tea House at Katong Village. This place is perfect for a small gathering, or just to have some dim sum, desserts, or drinks. The house recommendation is the milk tea, but I personally recommend the durian cream with pomelo and sago.

Sorry for the bad quality photo - I was trying out PicMonkey's new collage  function.
Delectable chicken cheese baked rice with curry sauce

We had lunch at Old Hong Kong (they have other restaurants, one in Novena Square), and I ordered a chicken cheese baked rice with curry sauce. This was seriously awesome - there was an abundance of the curry sauce, which wasn't too spicy or bland; the chicken slices were thick and tender~ I paired this meal with a lemon Coke.

Beautifully steamed fresh fish in teochew style - with fermented beans and tomatoes.
Refreshing authentic luohan longan drink which is not too sweet.

For dinner, we had seafood at Seng Kee on Changi Road. They specialize in black chicken soup and mee sua, but we had a different meal altogether. The highlights of the meal was the teochew-style steamed fish and the Sri Lanka crab cooked with salted egg. The meal was paired with a refreshing luo han guo with longan drink.

Salted egg Sri Lanka crab - S$80

I've never seen such a big crab before - the claw itself was almost as big as my hand, and was the equivalent of two rather meaty crabs (there was some misunderstanding between the staff, which I'd rather not mention). Although we all agreed that the shell was heavier than the flesh itself, but it was so sweet and juicy - literally.

Saizariya is actually a Japanese chain of Italian family-style restaurants.

The next day's dinner we went to a no-frills Italian restaurant at City Square Mall on Kitchener Road, somewhere near Mustafa. The prices of the food there is relatively cheap - ranging from S$4-8, I think. And it's worth every penny - the portions are relatively large, and you can't complain about the quality of the food given the prices. Even the escargots were priced at only S$5.80 per half dozen, which is about a third of the price in other restaurants.

Bacon and mushroom risotto - S$5.80

It was almost impossible to choose what to eat, so I ordered two main dishes separately. The first one is a bacon and mushroom risotto - I've never tried risotto, or at least don't remember eating risotto before and I was curious. It's basically a creamy rice, with LOTS of mushrooms and bacon. *thumbs up

Genovese pasta with bacon from the promotion menu - S$5.80

My next main dish was a Genovese spaghetti with bacon from the promo menu. It was basically spaghetti with pesto and bacon, and nothing much to shout about. For dessert, there were to main picks - tiramisu, or panna cotta. We ordered too late, and the panna cotta was gone, so we just ordered the tiramisu. It was delectable - smooth, creamy, with just the right amount of coffee and cocoa powder.

The third day's lunch was at Sik Wai Sin, a Chinese home-food restaurant on Geyland Road. I've never really been a fan of Chinese food, since I have it every day, and basically they all taste the same to me. This was different. We had a black chicken herbal soup, which is very good for health. Black chicken is renowned for its color and its nutritional value. As opposed to most Chinese soups I've had over the years, this was clear and "sweet", and not too oily.

We also had a minced pork steamed with salted fish, which is a very popular Chinese side dish. Instead of the usual ground pork that I get from my catered dinners, this pork was roughly chopped, which retained most of the bite of the meat. It wasn't too salty, yet the flavor of the salted fish penetrated the pork just enough to enhance its flavor.

We had two fish heads. Yes, two. They were cooked with fermented bean curd, and were AWESOME! Fish heads are very rich in collagen, given that you know how to eat it, and is great for maintaining skin elasticity. Be careful, though, you might accidentally get the fish eye (don't misunderstand, the eye is also full of nutrients, but it's a bit stomach-churning for me to eat one).

Delicious smooth "white" chicken

Our last dinner was at the all-time favorite Boon Tong Kee on East Coast Road. Boon Tong Kee is popular for their chicken rice, and we ordered some deliciously tender steamed "white" chicken.

Fried tofu - crispy on the outside, silky smooth on the inside~
Crispy fried prawns with deep fried egg batter as well as cereal. These prawns are HUGE!

The other highlights were the crispy tofu (soft silken tofu dredged in their special "crispy powder", and fried until crisp) and the crispy prawns (extremely large prawns dredged in a special egg batter and deep fried with rolled oats). The meal was ended with some delicious durian~

Found this while waiting for our Gong Cha order before we went to H&M.

My only regret was not having the delicious coffee ribs from Paradise Inn at Funan Mall, but a road-side raspberry ripple ice cream "burger" (a slab of ice cream sandwiched in bread) made up for it~ There are lots of ice cream stalls on Orchard Road, and most of them provide ice cream wedged in either wafers or bread slices, and both are equally delectable~

Saizeriya Ristorante e Caffe
City Square Mall
Kitchener Road

Seng Kee Restaurant
467 Changi Road

Boon Tong Kee
199 East Coast Road

Sik Wai Sin
287 Geylang Road

Old Hong Kong Tea House
86 East Coast Road
Katong Village

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