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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Girl-talk: Thongs

Hey, people. I might be gone for about a week, since exams are near, and assignments are piling up. So here's something to get your brain working.

I'll be talking about underwear, believe it or not, so if some of you are uncomfortable reading/talking about topics like these, feel free to browse some other articles on my blog, or just click out~

So, girl's underwear. Unlike guys', which consists of generally briefs and boxers (and the more unconventional G-string-for-men), we have granny-panties, boyshorts, mini panties, lace briefs, etc. I make this comparison because I have no more knowledge about men's underwear than I do with fixing pipes (which is virtually 0).

The type of underwear I'm talking about are ... thongs. And/or G-strings. Basically the same concept, just the difference of the amount of cloth. So here's the difference between the above mentions: G-strings are just a piece of triangular cloth in the front held together by strips of (usually) elastic straps. The thong has an entire piece of suitably-cut cloth running from the back to the front.

So. Let's start with the benefits of these "controversial" pieces of underwear. They get rid of the much-avoided panty lines. Sure, you could get seamless underwear, which would me more comfortable, but wearing thongs are SEXY.

You could play around with the types of thongs/G-strings available. Ignore those judging eyes from anyone who might be looking at you with, and just browse. The most important thing is to find one that's suitable for yourself, but if you still don't feel comfortable with wearing them, feel free not to.

If you do feel like experimenting though, remember not to pull them too high up, as some would do with their normal underwear. Adjust it so that it just fits, not stretching it too much, if not you'll feel extremely uncomfortable.

I just don't get the controversy with thongs. My mum's all right with anything as long as I'm comfortable with it, so there's no problem there. However, when I was browsing the thong mountain at a clearance sale, a lot of the young mothers, middle-aged married men, working young adults just stared, with a look that suggested disapproval of some sort.

WHY? It's just underwear. Yes, porn-stars wear them, that doesn't mean I am one. Shopping for thongs is just the same as shopping for any other types of underwear, or everything, for that matter.

Now. If you're new to thongs, I would suggest you stay away from them if you have to wear them for a really long time - like from morning to evening. Find some short occasions, like a couple hours of class or a lunch date with someone, and slowly get comfortable with it. The more stringy ones are more comfortable than the cloth-heavy ones in the long-run.

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