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Friday, May 18, 2012

A few things I left out

My nails are one of my personal features that I find most pretty - my fingers are long (but by no means slender), and having long nails help "glamify" my hands. Especially when I have grown my nails to a decent length but they start to break, I delay that process by painting my nails.

I tend to reach for dark colors, like black or maroon.Whether it's because they are colors that compliment the skin tone or I'm just a more gothic-oriented person, I don't know. However, my mum recently purchased a beautiful coral color from Elianto, and I used that along with a couple other colors to do my nails.

Nail polishes that I used (from left to right):
  1. Generic brand calcium-fortified orange-tinted base coat
  2. Elianto Shimmery Nail Polish in 20 Shining Ebony (shimmery black)
  3. Winmax Nail Art Enamel in red
  4. Elianto Nail Colour in 09 Coral Light (hot pink in artificial light, coral in natural light)
  5. Elianto Nail Color in 04 Platinum Pearl (sheer shimmer)
Pointer finger: coral base with a hand-painted heart, which was topped with some shimmery polish.

Middle: tried to do some French tip with the shimmer polish.

Ring: FIRST SUCCESSFUL FRENCH TIP! Using the red nail art polish, then I went over the red with some shimmer polish.
Thumb: did some ribbon-inspired streaks (my favorite design) using the red nail art, then brush the entire thing over with the shimmer polish.

Middle: experimented with a polka dot design, also overlayed with shimmer polish.

I did a few different designs on mostly the coral painted nails, because the black was too dark. The calcium-fortified base coat has a really strong fruity smell, which is pleasant for the first couple of minutes, but just gets annoying because whenever you wave your hands near your face, you smell it.

Tie-dye top: no idea, this was from aeons ago.
Khaki corduroy skirt: Old Navy
Chain-link belt: E-Jewellery
Weave bangle (left wrist): Yinhoo
Buckle wrist strap (right wrist): birthday present from ex
I also took a picture for an OOTD post, but haven't got time to put it up until now. This was from a couple of weeks ago. 

I love Oreos. Probably more than half of the world does. And somehow I like to add Oreos to almost everything that's creamy and soft and cold. There was some strawberry mousse in the fridge and some *ahem* expired Chocolate Oreos in the cupboard. I took the cookies (not the cream), bashed them up and made them toppings for my mousse~

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