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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Make-up: Japanese vs. Korean

Style of make-up varies from country to country, depending on the culture, genetics, and norms.

The Japanese make-up I'm talking about here is the type of make-up you would typically see on Japanese fashion magazines like Cawaii and mina. This type of make-up can also be referred to as gyaru make-up. The term gyaru is actually just "girl" or "gal" in katakana.

From what I have deduced, Japanese make-up concentrates more on the contouring of the eye and the lashes. Japanese brows are typically arched, and are usually brown, depending on the hair color of the model. Cosmetics lenses are also common.

The image portrayed is usually a cute, bubbly, innocent, pretty girl, often achieved by baby pink cheeks and glossy pink lips. For the eyes, brown eyeliner and liquid liner is very common, as are false lower lashes. Where shadow is concerned, only a touch of brown for depth and contour is used.

Korean make-up is more towards porcelain skin, straight and thick brows, and eyeliner. I'm not saying that Japanese make-up doesn't need flawless skin, but I'm saying that the focus of Korean make-up is more so than Japanese.

So, in conclusion:
Japanese make-up (how I interpret it)

  • contouring shadow
  • strength of eyeliner depends on type of gyaru (some are subtle, some are heavy)
  • upper and lower false lashes
  • sweet pink cheeks
  • glossy lips
  • brown, arched eyebrows
  • focuses on creating innocent, doll-like eyes
Korean make-up (how I interpret it)
  • almost no shadow
  • heavy, eye shape altering eyeliner
  • usually only upper false lashes/mascara
  • dewy complexion
  • matte nude lips
  • dark, thick, straight brows
  • focuses on creating sultry looks (most of the time)

To be honest, I don't know how to do either - I grew watching Michelle Phan, MissChievous, ete, who does what I call "Caucasian style make-up", which is more suited towards people with higher creases.

What I can do is provide some links, though. MakeupPiggy does some very good and detailed tutorials for gyaru make-up.

Catalina a.k.a cl2425 grew up partially in Korea (I suspect she is Korean by lineage), and does a lot of Korean and Korean celebrity inspired looks, as well as Japanese and general style make-up, haul videos and tags.

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