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Saturday, March 17, 2012

3-shift wedding

One of my uncles are getting married. Officially they already are married, but these couple of days are the days where they do all the Chinese traditional stuff.

Day #1
They had a buffet dinner at their place, and we were invited.

Snake-skin print tube top - Cats Whiskers
Torn jeans - Levi's
Silver wedges - Nose
Earrings - random weave store
Bangle - hand-me-down
Ring - Chinatown

I drove the other car there, while my mum drove hers. If anyone looked in from another car into my car, they would only see my bare shoulders. There were two boys in a black Myvi who stopped beside me at a traffic light, and they were gawking - "she must be topless".

Anyway, at the buffet dinner was mostly either fried, stir-fried or deep fried. There was a fried rice, fried beehoon, fried chicken, curry chicken, roast duck, fake scallops (they were actually fish cakes) and the highlight of the meal - ROAST LAMB. And it came with a decadent mint sauce. No piccies, though.

Where make-up was concerned, we were too rushed for time, and my room was crowded with people, so I couldn't do much - brown shadow, eyeliner, mascara, mattifying powder, done.

I tried to curl my hair, but half way through it looked so fried I gave up, and just curled the bottom part of my hair, and tied the upper part into a small bun. However, my hair has a tendency to straighten out really quickly, even after I hairsprayed it heavily.

Day #2 Part 1
The next morning was the day the groom was supposed to "pick up the bride", which is a traditional Chinese custom where the groom goes over to the bride's house to pick her up (only getting access to her after going through the "sisters", then drive her back to the groom's house (honking all the way) to "officially meet the family".

Red loose top - Yinhoo
Torn jeans - Levi's
Silver wedges - Nose
Ring - random bazaar

I also didn't do much of make-up. Some green shadow from the layered palette, eyeliner, mascara. I also tried drawing on some false lower lashes.

Hair-wise, I couldn't think of anything so I just left to sections of hair beside my face, then tied the rest of it into a side bun.

Day #2 Part 2
At night was the dinner, in which I was supposed to be an usher, but my job was pretty easy since a lot of people decided to wander in themselves.

Black floral strapless dress - Colours
Silver wedges - Nose
Leopard-print ribbon headband - Yinhoo
Multi-bell anklet - hand-me-down
Teardrop earrings - random weave shop

This is the first time I've worn a full set of false lashes out of the house - the last time I did, I ripped them off half-way because they were a disaster. It was basically a very intense, purplish bluish smokey eye. I'll be doing a tutorial on this when I have the time, and as close of the one I did that day.

The kaya paos and peanut mochi categorized under "Sweet Fancy Duets".

Many were decently dressed, but the majority of people decided that it was not an occasion that is worth whipping out their bests. The food was alright, though I disagreed on their choice of shark's fin on the menu. My favorite were the desserts - kaya paos and peanut mochi.

No pics of the food, because everyone was too busy eating. I had reused a lot of my accessories over the couple of days, not entirely because I don't have enough of them, but I just felt that urge to use them.

Sorry if the post is a little dry - I'm a little short of sleep and am suffering from a bout of writer's block.

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