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Sunday, February 12, 2012



Triple-layer Cheesecake from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf @ Jaya 33. A biscuit base, with three different layers of cheesecake - regular, coffee and blueberry cheese, topped generously with chocolate cookie crumbs. I personally don't like blueberry cheese, or basically any berries that aren't fresh. But the cheesecake was really rich and creamy, but very crumbly as well.

From left clockwise: vanilla, orange and banana muffins @ Kenny Roger's Roasters, Tropicana City Mall. The Kenny Roger's restaurants have been localized too much - they're now called KRR, and their menu has been revamped, clearly designed and captioned by a local because the English was crap. There's now a barbecue sauce selection in addition to the classic original and black pepper sauces, and the BBQ sauce is a disaster. The service sucks - there's no particular system, and no dress code. The only things that improved is that the muffins stayed the same, and the mac and cheese side dish finally has more cheese sauce.

Lamb stew, home made. Dad was back, and before he went back to China, sis made some delicious lamb stew paired with a creamy pumpkin soup, also home made. I prefer my carrots really soft, but al dente were these carrots. The lamb itself was really beautifully succulent, and the flavor of the lamb was just strong enough. The sauce was just basically lamb stock with cream and some seasonings, which brought everything together.

Salt-baked sea bass, home made. Truthfully, I have no idea where or how my sister made this, but it was supposedly sea bass, covered with coarse sea salt, then baked in parchment. I think it was something like this, but anyway the flesh was beautiful - juicy and succulent, and quite salty, but that's the whole point. Eating too much of this made my tongue sting. The fish skin consisted of two tastes - salty, and a very fishy aftertaste.

Herb pasta, home made. This was a random pasta dish I threw together in like 20 minutes. We didn't have dinner, and were quite hungry, so I just made some pasta for me, my dad and the twerp. I took some spaghetti, placed it wrapped in a clean dishcloth, then just pulled the pasta against the edge of the counter. I then tossed everything in some olive oil, finely minced raw garlic, dried parsley, dried chives and dried dill. Personally I found it slightly weird because of the lack of salt, but both my dad and the twerp said it was really good. Proves that randomness sometimes does work.

Massimo Sandwich Bread with Wheatgerm, home made scrambled eggs and Milkana Cream Cheese Spread with Herbs. A simple breakfast combo I threw together one morning - I first made the scrambled eggs, then suddenly just wanted something to make the meal more filling, and remembered there was this cream cheese spread in the fridge.

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