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Saturday, February 11, 2012

End of FICM March 2011

Yes, I did notice that the "March" letter were jumbled up.

10th February 2012 marked the official last day of Taylor's Foundation in Communication program March 2011 intake. Over the course of a year, I met a lot of people of all types, and many of them have made unforgettable memories for me.

To celebrate the event we went through the last day of our finals - Introduction to Business and Social Psychology. I made a poorly and cheesily decorated tiramisu for the occasion, which lasted throughout the entire day, all the way until 4pm. After the exam we went for a group dinner at Sunway Pyramid.

Many people joined our initial group, but some of them decided to have it earlier, and in a rather expensive Italian cafe-style restaurant. Anyway we just went up an extra floor and were at Sushi Zanmai, which looked like a popular but humble sushi restaurant tucked away in a corner of the building.

Tucked away in a corner was right, however the floor planning sucked - the whole restaurant basically revolved around a conveyor sushi booth, with a number of other tables surrounding that area. The floor space was small, yet they tried to pack so many things into the small space, resulting in the place being really cramped, and any movement with more than two persons is a real hassle.

I'm a Japanese fanatic, and love Japanese food, and this is one of the non-buffet type restaurants I've been to, including Pasta Zanmai, Sakae Sushi and Sogo. First thing I'd like to mention is that staff attitude isn't really good there, so if you're really fickle about service attitudes then I'd suggest changing a meal venue, however the bad attitude might have been resulted of a long day's work.

"fried prawn simmered with egg on rice"
"omelette roasted with cod roe" - one of the cheaper sushi selections

Earlier in the day we had udon for lunch, so dinner was non-noodle. I chose an inexpensive Ebidon with a side of Tamago Mentai sushi. Unagi was much too expensive - RM18+, if I remember correctly, in contrast to the Ebidon, which costed around half that price.

The sushi came first, and I'd have to say that it was kinda merely alright. Mentaiko is essentially cod fish roe that has been marinaded in chili, which is a real treat for me, because I have an aunt living in Japan, and she comes home annually, and used to bring back mentaiko by the box - a few sacs of mentaiko, full of deliciously spicy flavor. One thing I don't like about having sushi - if not made properly, the sushi itself tends to fall apart.

The Ebidon is essentially some tempura on top of some egg and rice, served topped with seaweed and some Japanese pickle, plus a light sprinkling of fried tempura batter. I would have preferred that my tempura coating crispy, however the coating had been softened by the "simmered" egg, which tasted more like mayo. All in all I would have preferred a little more salt and sauce to the rice, otherwise this was also mediocre.

After dinner, we just did a lot of walking around, and ended up at Coffee Bean waiting for a certain someone, whom we never got to met because of curfew reasons - Jasmine and I had to be back a little earlier (more her than me, but my mum seemed pleased that I was back earlier than the initially planned 11pm).

Diarrhea broke lose after that - it was either the egg, the sushi, or the tempura, whatever it was created a mini nuclear explosion in my stomach and demanded that all the rubble be taken away. (Apologies but I'm trying to make this sound less disgusting than it really is.) I would rather live in fear of cockroaches than suffer the intense pain of diarrhea. The problem was solved with some traditional Chinese medicine and lots of water-chugging.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention that we met Melissa before dinner. She was with her friends Daniel and Jason. Initially they didn't see me, but I ran towards her like a mad woman and hugged her. So lucky, to have some one treat you to Bubba Gump, and also drive you all the way home.

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