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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A dinner of cod

A few days back my sister made some delicious dinner for us, and for once it didn't involve cream.

The first and most important component - cod fish. Fresh. Then bathed in butter until just cooked. Served on top of poached radishes, turnips and carrots with Hollandaise sauce. This was the best fish I've ever tasted.

Next, broccoli with melted cheese, served on a curved spoon (custom made by my sis). The cheese had a sharpness to it, which complimented the broccoli.

Boiled asparagus wrapped in bacon, and tied together with a thin string of leek. To be honest, this just tasted of bacon with crunchy bits of something inside.

Lastly, morrel with shallots and oyster mushrooms. I'll say this - my taste buds are numb to the flavor layers in food. I only taste the general flavor of things, and this was quite bland to my tongue, but the combination of the ingredients made it perfect.

That's it. Lovely, just-enough dinner.

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