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Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Idiot Awards

If there were such an award, I think I would have won it a few times straight. It all started when I didn't tell my mum OR my sister that I had morning classes the next day.

I packed everything for the badminton gig the next day, even extra clothes and some shampoos as baths. Everything was sailing so smoothly it kinda felt a little out of place. I set my phone alarm after I finished my bath, then since it was just before midnight I thought I'd do some more time on my laptop.

By the time I went to bed it was around 2am, which is considered normal for me. The next thing I knew I woke up with warm sunlight streaming through the curtains in my air-conditioned room. Then I realized - I had morning class. I was suddenly as awake as I would be in the evening, and was like shit: it's 8am.

My class starts at 8am. Both potential "drivers" were already out. Taking public transport would be a real hassle with all the things I had to take. Then Jasmine called. Told her my situation and really wanted to say "Why don't you just pick me up from my house then I'll compensate your toll funds", but my following guilt to put her through another potential round of traffic jams held my tongue.

This is one of the many reasons I FREAKIN' WANT A CAR. See, if I had my own car, things might have been different - I could have driven to campus, and maybe be in time for class, though really late, and not miss my badminton game. However, my dad refuses to buy me a car until "I have gotten the hang of it". Hello? If I had a car I'd automatically get the hang of it.

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