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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012 resolutions

Cliche, somehow useless, but at least this serves as a guideline for myself.

Have more regular sleeping hours - I sleep in the wee hours of the morning, just to wake up at the most 5 hours later, and nod through the entire day. I don't have much comments about my dark circles, though, gotten pretty used to them.

Exercise more, lose weight and eat healthier. I'm starting to get the concept that health is directly linked to beauty and also body shape. By BMI I'm already normal, but I'm determined to get rid of my flabby arms, tiered tummy and orange-peel thighs. At least once a week, and binge on breakfast, please. Make careful contemplations when eating out because god knows what they put in the food. Eat more fiber also because I'm prone to constipation.

Take better care of my skin. Exfoliators, moisturizers, whitening, anti-ageing, sunscreen, pore diminishing, etc. Break-outs aside, my pores are freakin' HUGE. And clogged, for that matter. I've tried The Body Shop's Tea Tree Blackhead Exfoliating Wash but that one doesn't work for me. Hair out of my face during the day, wash my face more frequently, plus change my bedding and towels more frequently.

Get my visual kei inspired Japanese doll tattoo within this year. I planned to do it on my shoulder blade, but I think I'll have to change the location because my mum allowed it on one condition - that it be concealed in general. Though it goes against my idea that tattoos are done to be shown to the world, I'll compromise. Also, I need to decide where to get it - Tribal Bodyworks where I got my old one, or try out Black Cat Tattoo.

Do some make-up picture tutorials on the blog. It's been about a month since I last said to do a tutorial but never got round to it. Instead I did more than 50 challenge posts, which I hope didn't bore my readers. Also, practice Uruha's fake crease make-up for CF cosplay next year~

Take better care of my belongings. I tend to lose something when I was holding it just a few seconds ago, and the panic to find it under a blanket or pillow or something. Also, taking care meaning treating my belongings better, especially to my C6-00, which is already breaking down in less than a year.

Save more money. In December 2011, I went completely nil of money, having to survive of loans and home-made food. It was a good experience, though, in the sense that I got my priorities straight and spent money only on what I needed and not what I impulsively wanted. Fill up my orange piggy with coins~

Let my hair grow out past my shoulder blades. Just before Comic Fiesta my hair was almost at that length, but then some guy from X-Cut who smelled heavily of cologne chopped off more than I requested (didn't get both sides even and messed up my fringe). I want to grow out my bangs, too.

Pay more attention in class. I got told off for eating and talking in class today, when most of the other people in class were doing the same. Life sucks, gotta get over it. But then again what he said in class, I didn't get 90% of it, which would translate into disaster when it comes to the finals. Being who I am today, I seldom aim for distinctions anymore (except for English), passing is already a miracle. However, having distinctions means that my chance for a better future is, well, better. PASS ALL THE SUBJECTS (meme).

Cook and bake more. I've got more recipe books than I can count, but all of them have been sitting in the dust. My collegemates are also pestering me to make something from those recipe books, since I've not made a tiramisu for them before. This also helps me practice my skills for potential future housewife-ism.

Stand up for myself more at home. Being the estranged middle child, I often get indirectly bullied. It's well past the time for me to speak up and defend myself. My beliefs, opinions, hobbies, interested, they shall no longer be discriminated!

Treat the BF better. Lately I've been getting really jumpy and grumpy (they rhyme), and have been kinda evil to him the past few weeks. Gotta be a better girlfriend - tolerant, understanding, etc. Speech is always easy, actions are ... difficult when guys are naturally so blunt-headed.

Get a flat-iron, dye my hair and start learning to style it. The only styling method I know? Ponytail. I can't even braid my own hair. While I'm still young I wanna be as crazy as I can, dying my hair pink, blue, green, fluorescent yellow, even, at least I tried it. Flat iron - so that I can curl and straighten my hair. Much better than a curling iron, in my opinion, since it has a dual function, but gotta find a good quality one with, preferably, ceramic plates.

Do something with my self-confidence. My self-confidence has being going downhill ever since I joined Taylor's - may it be the other classmates being super confident and/or physically pretty (in my context) or just comfortable with their body. My classmates have already confirmed the problem being my ill-fitting jeans, but I still spot all the "flaws" in myself - my hairstyle, my nails, my legs, my abs, my fashion sense, etc.

Be more tidy. Right now my bureau top looks like a war zone hastily cleared for space - everything is shoved to one side because my room was invaded my some dodgy guys to install a new air-conditioner, and the dust from the drilling settled on basically everything, including all my make-up boxes. The stuff that I've taken out from drawers and cupboards have been randomly chucked to a particular spot in my room until further use when I could have just put it right back into the drawer/cupboard.

Be less YELLOW. In Chinese context, being yellow means being perverted. I'll be honest, I'm not as 'high and mighty' as I sometimes like to think myself as. I can find some perverted meaning to almost everything everyone says, and against my better conscience, I burst it out for the whole world to hear. This, obviously, is inappropriate for girls, regardless of nationality, race, religion, age, etc.

Spend less time on Tetris and Sims Social. Seriously. Almost the entire campus in obsessed with Tetris Battle now. And to be honest I can play all day, even when I'm dying for sleep. In general, less time on Facebook games. I seldom go online gaming these days (MapleSEA), due to various reasons.

I do have a few more resolutions, I think, but so far these are all I can think of. Mostly mediocre, those that everyone has for their own resolutions, but this also means that I'm pretty normal, right?

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