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Thursday, December 1, 2011


Mushroom omelet, something which I haven't made in a really long time. I forgot about the cheese, though, and I added some whipping cream into the egg mixture.

 Since I opened a can of mushrooms and used 6 of the 9 mushrooms in the can for the omelet, I used the rest to make some simple hors d'ouevre (did I spell it right?) with some cheese, chili powder and dried dill.

My cousin scared the bejesus out of me just now. We have a particular bathroom door that's tricky to unlock once it's locked, and my little cousin, not knowing the technique, locked herself inside for god-knows-how-long. There was no other way to get her out but to break the door down (which is the first time in my life), and my younger sister and I managed to patch the door back into a workable state.

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