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Friday, December 9, 2011

Foodie post!

I find my blog bombarded with make-up and food posts lately. To be honest, most things have been mundane in my life these days due to assignments - get back from college, nap, eat, some relaxation, then I spend the next few hours late into the night referring to textbooks to complete an essay, and that's only one of them.

Anyways here are just some pictures from recently:

Crispy has always been my favorite chocolate snack besides Hershey's Cookies 'n' Cream. This is basically milk chocolate with rice cereal, and can be consumed at room temperature or chilled.
This is not a baguette - it's actually a croissant.  I expected it to be crescent-shaped, like conventional croissants. Traditional shapes of pastries aside, this tasted quite good and was quite a substantial breakfast (served with coffee or tea). - The V @ RM4.50
The BF has always been ranting about how good Corona beer is compared to other more popular brands of beer in Malaysia like Carlsberg, Heinekein, and Tiger (personally I prefer the first two). I was grocery shopping with my mum two days ago and I spied alcohol along with the other drinks and saw Corona for RM12.90 per bottle. As of now I haven't opened it yet due to some unforeseen circumstances, but as soon as I can I shall try this bottle of "amazing" beer.

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