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Saturday, December 3, 2011

A day of movies

Finally. It's been a long time since I've last been to the cinema. On this rather rare day out with the BF, we were determined to watch at least two movies. Tried to do online booking the previous night but somehow for all movies everywhere and at anytime, I got "Sorry, this movie is fully booked", or something like that, at least.

The previous night I spent most of my time doing an egg white mask (didn't really work though, it needs the yolk as well to be perfect), removing my old, chipped nail polish and repainting my nails, this time experimenting with nail art (though the attempts were not very successful). I'll post a bit on this later.

So I basically woke up at 8am, after having slept at around 2am. It was a cold and dim morning - I'm a person who doesn't really hate the cold but just gets really cold really easily. I spent another 15 minutes snoozing, then finally picked myself up and did my morning routine.

Make-up was pretty simple. Using Maybelline's Color Trio Eyeshadow in Three Chocolate, I just used the medium brown as the base color, the dark brown for the outer corner and the shimmery beige for highlight, all over shu uemura's Creme Eyeshadow in Beige. I used Artistry eye shadow in Ash Black to line the eyes, extending the line straight out and joining it with a small line on the lower lash line. Lashes were curled and MaxFactor's False Lash Effect mascara was applied generously. Spot coverage with foundation and some blush/bronzer, plus a tint of Clarins Instant Lip Perfector finished the look.

I walked out of the house at around 9am, meeting the BF halfway along the road to the LRT station, just like we did on our first date. It actually kinda makes me reminiscent of the old days where I still wasn't so bloody selfish and over-sensitive. ANYWAY.

RapidKL's LRT has changed their floppy metal-paper ticket thingy into those plastic tokens with electronic chips in them. To be honest, I kinda prefer Singapore's MRT tickets - a thick card, something like a credit card - durable, and the rebate thing really keeps the users from abusing them.

The moment we reached our destination (I shall skip the KTM part because I think most of the people who have taken the KTM will know already), we went straight to the cinema ticket counter and queued. A trip to ChaTime at LG ('cause the one right in front of the cinema would only open at 1pm) and Just Popiah to get some munchies and we were in the cinema.

I regret not taking pictures of the popiah because it was pretty good. When I observed the lady making the popiah, I was kinda turned off because the tuna filling was meager and she added cucumbers (which I don't really like in rolls). However, it turned out quite pretty - the small amount of tuna gave just the right hint of flavor to the popiah, which the cucumber added crunch to the already-crunchy popiah (because there was this fried batter bits things inside).

Our first movie - Real Steel, starring Hugh Jackman (as Charles Kenton), Dakota Goyo (as Max Kenton) and Evangelline Lily (as Bailey). Boxing has turned a sharp corner a few years ago, using 8-foot robots as boxers for more violence and entertainment. Charlie was a rising boxer, but the industry turn threw him off and now lives off debts and attempts at robot fights.

After a lost match and fighting bot, Charlie finds out that his ex-girlfriend has passed away and his 11-year-old son Max is to be under his custody. Initially he makes a "business deal" with Max's aunt's husband, requesting US$100, 000 and a summer with Max. Things are awkward at first, but after they find Atom, a sparring bot, the grow closer, and make it up to the World Robot Boxing championships against the formerly undefeated Zeus, designed by the almighty Tak Mashido.

I freakin' LOVE THIS MOVIE!!! It has action, romance and sentimental-ness to it, and the soundtracks are just awesome. The funny thing was that Nine Thou from NFSMW was used when Atom was fighting a Zoo robot. I think I'll give this a 9 stars~

We had McD for lunch, but didn't have enough time for Snowflake. I miss Snowflake. The soya ice. The baby pearls. The ocha balls. ARGH! Believe it or not today was the first time I tried the Quarter Pounder with Cheese in my life. I usually stick to Spicy Chicken McDeluxe, McChicken or Fillet 'O' Fish, which I would actually prefer.

Our next movie - The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1, starring Kristen Stewart (Bella Swan), Robert Pattinson (Edward Cullen) and Taylor Lautner (Jacob Black). Bella and Edward are finally getting married, and during their right-after-wedding honeymoon, they make love and somehow Bella gets pregnant.

Bella wants to keep the baby, while everyone else except Rosalie wants the baby gone, for both Bella's and the citizens of Forks' safety. Jacob is determined to protect Bella when Sam decides to get rid of the baby, compromising Bella in the process, causing Jacob, Leah and Seth to leave Sam's pack. An accident makes the baby break Bella's spine, and after the baby is born (her name is Renesmee), Jacob imprints on her.

The movie stops right at the part where Bella wakes up after being injected with large amounts of Edward's vampire venom. All in all, I felt that this particular movie in the saga is the best - in terms of effects and cinematography. Some parts were quite monotonous, and Kristen Stewart's face still froze in that expression all the time, but I liked that they used remixes of Bella's lullaby and more sound effects in total than just piano solos.

A replica of Bella's wedding dress in Breaking Dawn.
I also liked the make-up and outfits they used in this particular movie, especially Bella's wedding dress. It was simple, yet beautifully intricate with the lace cut out at the back, and the fish tail hem. The make-up part I really liked how they sculpted out "hollows" for Bella's eyes when she was in her coma after delivering Renesmee. This movie gets 7.5 stars~

We finished off the day waiting for the bus, waiting for the driver of the bus to appear and get moving, and I am greeted my a really temper-provoking statement. Then I find most of my things all over, what usually was on my sister's bed all piled on mine, and all the stuff I had hanging on the clothes horse shoved to one corner for just a small set of underwear. Please, respect my privacy and personal space. I was not designed to bow down to you completely. However, some may argue that I should speak up for myself, well perhaps I should.

Anyway, after a while of sleeping face-down on the floor, I changed up, put on a hint of make-up then went out the Padi House for dinner. Padi House is actually a pretty worth-your-buck place to eat, depending on what you order.

I had the Mongolian Lamb the previous time I visited, which was quite good, and this time I ordered the Grilled Chicken with Pesto - grilled chicken topped with melted mozzarella pesto, served with mashed potatoes and asparagus. The only thing I didn't like was that the asparagus was not prepared properly - they weren't snapped at the ends, which resulted in really tough, fibrous asparagus ends. The mozzarella pesto was beautifully flavorful, and compliments the flavor of the chicken (which was also well seasoned).

I had that with a fresh green apple juice, which kinda left me craving something really sweet and cold after that. Nearby Padi House is Tutti Fruity (frozen yogurt) and ChaTime. A BlackBall (something like Snowflake) is opening soon along that row of shops, but I really hope Snowflake (or even better a Subway branch) will open soon.

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