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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Day 31 - Do you think when you work hard for something you really want, that the reward is worth all your hard work? Or is it better to just get what you want, when you want it?

Usually when I pour all my heart and soul to doing something, I have sort of a vision of how I would be rewarded. Most times I have motives for being hardworking - I want this, I need that but had already asked for something earlier, something like that.

I guess it depends on the situation, as usual. Sometimes I don't mind working hard to get something (a perfect body, perhaps), but in general, it would be nice to get what you want when you want.

I've gone through lots of those horoscope and "which day and month you were born" fortune things, and a personal physical reading from my grandmother - all say I would have a prosperous career in the future. I'm a bit doubtful due to the fact that I'm barely scraping through my foundation program. To be honest it really is interesting, though my excitement fizzles when a lecturer starts comparing us to concentration camp prisoners in Soviet Russia (I think, correct me if I'm wrong).

The "fortune" that I'll have a prosperous career and my grandma's fortune-telling (by looking at my earlobes) says I'll be quite well-to-do. Though some other people say that this "fortune feature" has been greatly distorted by my collection of piercings (should do a post about this soon, too). Especially the Chinese, if you have a very fortunate "feature", such as big eyes or round earlobes, then you should leave them be as much as possible, unfortunately I didn't and punched nine holes in total on both my ears.

All in all, getting what I want when I want all depends on my financial ability, something which I have yet to acquire.

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