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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Yakuza Moon: Memoirs of a Gangsters Daughter

At long last, after a couple of years of waiting, I HAVE IT!!!

Reverse cover.

Yakuza Moon: Memoirs of a Gangster's Daughter depicts the story of author, Shoko Tendo, who was the daughter of a Yakuza, and how she got involved with Yakuzas and how she decided to change her life for the better.

I have forgotten how I came across this book/title, but I was really curious as to how the book is. For around two years I have been doing on-and-off research, and tried to find it in local bookstores, but to no avail. I knew definitely had it, but I was wary as to what my parents would say.

But since it was my 18th birthday, my dad asked me to choose a present. At first I didn't know what to say to him (to be honest, I have lots of material things that I want), but then I remembered this book (it was either the book for 6-inch stiletto pumps or the book) and asked for it. I gathered up all the info I could, sent it to my dad and amazingly he placed an order.

This book, which was mailed from Colorado, USA, took a shorter time to arrive than my local catalog mail orders which takes at least a month for my order to be processed, stock checked and my merchandise sent. My dad ordered Yakuza Moon on 27th October, and it arrived today, 10th November. That's 14 days - processing, packaging and shipping.

I have this habit of opening my packages in private, if I can help it. Even before I touched the package, I was surprised how thin this book is, despite the OMG price (around RM80-90+ on to Malaysia, including shipping fees, local prices are also around RM80+ but out of stock every where).

Anyway I opened the package behind the locked door of my bedroom, and the moment I opened it I was almost holding my breath. I gently pulled out the book from the bubble-wrap-lined paper envelope and lo and behold - the beautiful, perfect, glossy book.

I chose the paperback over the hardcover due to price reasons, though the hardcover would, of course, be better for collecting. The book came in manga-style cover - a plain cover with a cover sleeve slipped over. The book was practically fresh off the binding machine - the corners are perfect, there aren't any visible scratch marks, the cover sleeve is wonderfully glossy, the plain cover had a really nice Japanese design printed in black, and it came with a small red bookmark at the center of the book.

Here are some pictures. I seriously apologize for the lousy photography because of my lack of sleep. Being sleepy and tired usually saps me of most creativity I have (not much to start with) and so my photography is back to noob level (never have been pro anyway).

Package before opening.
Bubble wrap-lined paper envelope. Gotta love Amazon.
The gift note, supposedly from me to me. XD

 Thanks to my dad for getting this for my birthday~!

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